Straight Versus Side Bangs – Factors to Consider When Decidiing

You are probably one of many women who are interested on the subject of straight bangs versus side bangs. Having fringes is a great way to reinvent one’s appearance. However, some ladies just fear trying on either straight bangs or side bangs. They are afraid to look funny on any of these options. But there is nothing to be frightened about if you know which fringe style will look good on you. And how will you know if you don’t give it a shot? After all, you can be provided with useful tips on having bangs anytime you feel that you’re ready for it.
Both straight bangs and side bangs can be considered today’s most in demand additions to the hottest hairstyles. Unfortunately, not all types of bangs fit on everyone. But despite this sad truth, it is impossible not to find a particular bangs style that complements you. By exerting some amount of effort, you will be able to discern whether it is straight bangs or side bangs that can enhance your looks.
Supposing your face is rounded, angled and side-swept bangs are the styles that will surely work for you. Meanwhile, if your face is narrow and you want to give an illusion that it is broad; the best fringe style for you is straight bangs.
Apart from the shape of your face, other factors that you need to consider when deciding whether it is straight bangs or side-swept bangs that you will give a go are the type of your hair and its texture and your skin type. You may want to consider having side bangs if your skin gets oily most of the time. When you cut your hair across your brows, your hair falls down on your forehead and it’s likely to cause skin breakouts, which you are more prone when your skin is naturally oily.