Trend Report: Top Hair Trends for Spring This Year

Every season, our tastes as well as the trend in fashion changes. And fashion-forward women have to be on the trend everytime. That’s why we here at Aelida offer a seasonal trend report for our wonderful and stylish readers.

We’re done with clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories that are and will be trending this coming spring. Now, to finish off your trendy look, here are some of the greatest and trendiest hairstyles and hairdos that you want to wear this coming spring. And trust me, they’re all super easy to whip up!

Low Pigtails

There’s always this accompanying risk when you attempt to wear high pigtails when you are, say, twenty four. But with low ponytails, you might actually get away with it. You could go for a simple pigtails or a braided ones, but you want to scrunch them up a bit and give them that hastily-done look that would set them apart from little girls’ usual pigtails.

low pigtails deschanel

low braided pigtails

Low Bun

Hey, hey, hey. Everything’s going low in the hair department. Literally! We’ve witnessed many fashion designers opting for buns on their hairdos and there’s a wide range of variety, from quick twists to primly pinned. But there is one characteristic that most of them have in common: they’re all wrapped and pinned at the nape of the neck. Low buns are versatile and completely wearable for either casual or formal styles. That’s one thing that last year’s trending top knot doesn’t have. A trick for having a great low bun is to keep the mess, if you intend to have any, on the bun itself. Pull back your hair and give it a combing to have a sleek surface.

low twisted updo

low knotted bun

Bangs Galore!

Bangs have been getting pretty trendy in the past few years so there is just no question of its place in the trends this season. However, the bangs that are getting much of the attention right now are wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are great as they give out more volume and edge rather than blunt straight- cut ones.

school girl bangs

Karlie Kloss side bangs

Charming accessories

Remember the tiara of the previous post? If not, news flash, ladies: tiaras are totally in right now! Along with tiaras, there are other trending head pieces usually jewelled or of metallic color. And these are the hair accessories that you want to invest in this spring. These are probably what is going to be worn during festival season as rustic and whimsical head pieces do have that bohemian/festival feel to them.

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star headband

Braided Glory

Of course, a list of the hottest hair trends will not be complete without braids! This spring, we’ll be seeing lots of edgy yet whimsical braids that create half-dos. A fantastic example for this is Nina Dobrev’s amazing unicorn braid as well as side braids that is a great alternative for shaving one side of your hair.

side wrap braid

unicorn braid