What Colors to Wear with a Red Dress

With all the upcoming holiday parties, you’ll be needing more than just your Little Black Dress. In fact, you’ve been wearing your LBD all year long, why not give it a break and wear something else to the upcoming parties instead? What to wear, you ask? Why a red dress, of course! Nothing’s more sophisticatedly festive than a nice red dress. In case you’re wondering what colors you can wear with a red dress, especially when accessorizing, keep reading because we’ve got the goods for you,

  • Red and black – the most popular color combination choice. This is such a classic color combination you’ll almost always see it on magazines on the runways. Red and black exudes nothing less than elegance and sophistication. It’s perfect for those really upscale parties you got invited to but you can also wear it if you’re planning to dress to the nines for the office holiday party.

black and red dress black and red

  • Red and gold – the combination of red and gold is more on the festive side rather than classy but nevertheless still chic. What’s great about this color combination is that you don’t have to go all out when accessorizing. You can take the minimalistic route and just pair one of two gold pieces with your red dress regardless of whether it’s dainty or chunky. Of course, you set the limit on whether to go bold or not.

gold and red dress

gold and red outfit gold and red

  • Red and nude / beige – another classy looking color combination you can create is red and nude / beige. Since beige is a very light and neutral color, it goes well with the brightness and boldness of red. It also helps make the red color pop. When buying nude accessories, especially shoes, try to get shades that are closest to your skin tone / color as possible. This way, it would be easier for the beige / nude color to blend in with the color of your skin, allowing the red color to really star in the scene.

nude and red dress nude and red

  • Red on red – if you’re someone who likes making fashion statements and if you’re someone who’s not afraid to really showcase your style and look fierce, then the red on red color combination should work for you. Going all red from head to toe may be a little tricky to pull off if you aren’t too confident about it so make sure you know you’re confident enough to strut your stuff before deciding to go for this color combo.

 red on red look red on red outfit red on red