What You Need to Know About Different Types of Bangs

What You Need to Know About Different Types of Bangs
The different types of bangs that every woman can try on are just one of the many reasons why it is fun to be a girl. Without having to visit a hair salon month after month, you can give yourself a different look each time you feel like reinventing your style. You do not even have to seek for a professional hairstylist’s service for you can have the bangs of your choice without help. The following are today’s most coveted types of bangs that will surely add life to your current hairstyle.
Basic Bangs – Having this type of bangs, which is a bit longer at the sides and has angle in the middle of the forehead go well with someone who has a heart shape face.
Long Bangs – This type is excellent with someone who has a narrow face. It also helps cover high forehead.
Straight Bangs – You can have your straight bangs short or long. You can have it layered, too, to achieve a sassy look. This frames your face, making your chubby cheeks a bit thinner.
Layered Bangs – This is done by making the front strands of the bang a bit shorter. This helps in adding volume to flat fringes.
Side-swept Bangs – As the name suggests, the bangs are angled at the side of the face. This is the ideal bangs type for those who have heart or oval shape face.
Choppy Bangs – Usually done to put emphasis on the person’s facial features, this type of bangs is composed of inconsistent hair strand length and usually requires hair styling products to stay in place.
There may be other types of bangs that are not included in this list. It is not surprising that types of bangs are increasing day by day. It is something that you must take advantage of for you no longer have to stick to one that does not look good on you. These options allow you to settle on the type of bangs that definitely heighten the charm of your crowning glory.