Amazing 3D Nail Art Designs

Initially the 3D nail art designs were initiated in Japan and then rapidly it got spread all over. Isn’t it boring to have those usually flat nails with a nail polish on it? Make it look peppier with 3D designs.

cute puppy 3D nail art design

cute puppy nail art

3D nail art is an artistic work done by designers to provide you with amazing nails, its doesn’t actually mean you should walk to the nail art salon to get it done, you can also do it at home with ready-made materials too. These artwork can be done in natural nails or using fake nails.

Fimo Fruit nails

3d fimo fruit nails

Katy Perry with her flowery 3D nail art

Katty Perry 3D nail art


When using your natural nails, just coat the fine quality shiny nail polish on your nails and wait till it completely dries and gets hard, once done with the procedure, you can add beauty to the nails by gluing gemstones, flowers, beads or any small cute materials on your nails.  When using fake nails you can just directly glue them to the nails instead of waiting till the polish dries.

Girly pink nail art with bows and white heart design

cute 3d nail art

Adding glitters to the nails is also one that takes its place in the fashion stroll. All these kind of tiny materials and glitters are stuck to the nails using a clear glue, and apply a little extra glue of larger items and wait till it dries and get stuck, rather than fidgeting with your nail and making it get ripped away.


Gel 3D nail art design with cute white flowers

Gel 3D nail art

Many of them love to wear 3D nails just because they look so different from your flat nails and look even more attractive. Removing these nails can be easy as you can soak in water for some time and then file them away.

It is always advisable not to wear this stuff for a long time without removal, let your nails breathe, so give them a break!

These hello kitty pink nails with tiny strawberries will look cute on any nails, and if you are a kitty lover just go on creating your kitty on your nails.

Hello Kitty nail art

These baby pink nails are another cute design with hearts, bunny and a little yellow chick.

Bunny- Chick nail art


 These French manicure with shimmering edges and white stones are yet another idea for your 3D nail art design

french manicure 3D art

Flowers are forever girl’s best friends and this design with a flower on your toes will make your legs look pretty cool.

Toe 3D nail art

Black and aqua marine blue crystals with white stonework will look cool and sexy on fair skin type.

fascinating Black 3D nail art


If you are planning for a tomboy look, go for these metal finishes with chains and piercing

tomboy 3D nail art

These are some of the ideas for 3D nail art, try funkier, cute, lovely ideas and make your nails stand out in pride of beauty.


shimmering golden nail art with white flowers

Shiny 3D nail art