4 Beauty Shortcuts for Women on the Go

If you’re a woman who leads a busy lifestyle, you probably find it a struggle to stretch your time every morning to make sure that you look good before you head out the door without being late for work. Doing your hair so it would look cute and won’t bother you while you work can take up some time but so does putting makeup on. Good thing there are so many things you can do to make your morning routines quicker and easier. Here’s a list of our beauty shortcuts for women like you who are always on the go.

  • Perfect your makeup routine – the first thing you can do to make each morning prep session easier and quicker for you is to perfect your makeup routine. Knowing which products to use and what goes first or last can really save you a lot of time. if you don’t take your makeup with you to work or if you have a separate set that you use at home, lay them out on your vanity so that you can have easy access to them anytime you need them along with the brushes and other tools you use to apply them on your face.

makeup routine makeup routines

  • Have your brows tinted – one of the most time consuming things that a lot of women do in the morning are the eyebrows. It can be difficult to achieve the perfect symmetry between the two brows. Sometimes, you get one brow darker than the other, sometimes one is fuller and the other thinner and often you’ll also find that you have one brow arched higher than the other. Having your eyebrows tinted is a quick, easy and semi-permanent way to have the perfect brows every single time even without you doing anything to them. Have a professional do the tinting for you. it can be dangerous to use chemicals near the eyes all by yourself. Tinted eyebrows usually last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks and they’re not very expensive at all.


tinted eyebrows tinted brows

  • Get multipurpose makeup products – reaching for different products, deciding on which one to use – these can eat up your time. Get products that do as much tasks as possible for you. For example, using a BB cream is a good alternative to using moisturizer, sun screen and foundation separately because the BB cream covers it all. If you’re not into BB creams, a tinted moisturizer is another choice.  A lip and cheek tints is also a great addition to your makeup kit, especially for touch ups.

multipurpose multipurpose products multi

  • Colored creamy eye pencils – eye pencils are super cheap. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest makeup products you can get from drugstores and beauty supply stores. They come in different colors, too. get yourself a bunch of different colored eye pencils and make sure they’re creamy enough and glide on smoothly. On days when you have the time to play with makeup, you can use these as eyeliners to make your eyes pop but when you’re pressed for time, they can double as eye shadows. Just glide them on to your lids smudge a bit and you’re done!

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