4 Glamorous Tips on Wearing Colored Eyeliners

The greatest beauty trend recently is the “no makeup” makeup. But even that has been taken to a whole new level with fresh-faced models sauntering the runway this spring. It’s all about nude lipsticks and subtle blushes this season. But what if you want to be unexpected and have a pop of color?

You’re beauty trend savior: colored eyeliners.

Even with all the “au naturel” looks this season, colored eyeliners have squeezed their way in among the top beauty trends. A simple draw of any bright eyeliner can amp up your look. But when not applied properly, it may give the impression of 70s hippie or a middle school kid experimenting on her mother’s old makeup.

Here are some tips on wearing colored eyeliners while still looking sexy.

1. Look for a flattering color

Much like clothes, matching your eyeliner with your eye color is not greatly suggested. Try looking for colors that will complement and bring out your beautiful eye color. For brown eyes, almost anything would look good but green shades are the best pick. For blue eyes, look for something coppery. For green eyes, deep purple or plum will look gorgeous on those eyes.

mint eyeliner

colored liner

purple eyeliner


2. Keep the rest of your makeup simple

The perfect way to rock a colored eyeliner is to keep the rest of your makeup as simple as possible. You want your eyeliner to pop among the rest of your makeup. Make everyone’s head turn with your colored eyeliner. Just add a light pink lipstick or barely-there blush and let your eyes do the talking.

popping eyeliner

orange eyeliner

3. Mind the eye shadows

If there’s anything to match here, it’s the shade of your liner and eye shadow. This will actually let the color of your liner stay longer in your eyes. First apply a tight line of the eyeliner of your choice, dab an eye shadow of similar shade on top of it, and draw the line again. Another path in applying your eye shadow is to use those that are light wash. This will not overshadow your stunning bright eyeliner and will add to its staying power.

colored eyeliner

yellow liner

4. Keep the line defined

Of course, to make it obvious that you’re flaunting with a brightly colored eyeliner, you must have a tight line drawn. The great thing about colored eyeliner in contrast to the standard black is that when only applied on the lower lash line, it doesn’t create that droopy effect that black eyeliner has. Because colored eyeliners are usually glossy and shimmery, it actually lifts that area of your eyes.

green eyeliner

bright eyeliner

yellow eyeliner