Amazing DIY Nail Art Ideas

Nail art is such a cute trend that all women love. Those small little details that are not too bold or easy to see are always a surprise when they do get noticed. Lots of nail art salons have been put up ever since this pretty trend has come about. However, getting nail art done on your nails from a salon can be a bit pricey, especially if you get the really beautiful and intricate designs. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to dress up your precious nails, we’ve got some amazing DIY nail art ideas for you so read on.

  • Polka dot nails – who could resist anything in cute little polka dots? This nail art is so easy you won’t even need a special nail art tool. To make your dots almost perfect, you can use a toothpick or a pencil and dip it in nail polish then dab quickly and lightly on nails.

polka dot nails polka dot nail art

  • Tape patterned nails – get perfect and gorgeous patterned nails using only tape as you guide. Paint on your preferred base coat and let dry then cut tape into whatever patterns you envisioned, stick on to nails and add another layer of nail polish, let dry and peel tape. Voila! Perfect lines and gorgeous nails all in the comforts of your own home.

tape nails

tape nail art

  • Caviar nails – a caviar nail art set from a premium brand can cost you anywhere from $20 to $35 but why spend so much when you can have the same luscious looking nails for under $5? All you really need are your nail polishes and some glass beads from the craft store. Paint your base coat on and sprinkle the beads on or dip your finger in a container full of beads while your polish is wet then let dry and add the top coat. Easy peasy, eh?

caviar nails caviar nail art

  • Chalk board nail art – this one is really cute and easy to do. All you’ll need are matte polishes in black and all other colors you want. Use the black matte polish as your base, let dry and use other colors to for designing. You can draw or write whatever you want on your nails, just like a real chalk board.

chalk nails chalk board nail art

  • Nautical nails – red, white and blue are the colors you will need to get nautical nails. Stripes, red little details, anchors and boat steering wheels are popular designs that you can mix and match this in this nail art design.

nautical nails nautical nail art