Battle of the Blacks: MAC ‘Carbon’ vs. MakeupGeek ‘Corrupt’ Eyeshadow

Carbon eyeshadow by MAC has quite the reputation of being one of those ‘must-have’ shades but I found another shadow that could give it a run for its money. Spoiler alert: its also half the price!
Battle of the Blacks MAC 'Carbon' vs. MakeupGeek 'Corrupt' Eyeshadow
A black eyeshadow is just a black eyeshadow, right? Um…no! Makeup Geek, which is one of my new favorite up and coming makeup brands, has an extremely pigmented shade called Corrupt that makes my Carbon look almost like a joke.
Mac Carbon vs MUG Corrupt

Carbon is a matte black eyeshadow, while Corrupt is more buttery with very subtle shimmer in the pan that is not visible on the skin. I think this helps the color transfer more easily (as you can see below). I will let the swatches speak for themselves. Honestly, it took 2 swatches in the Carbon pan to get enough pigment to swipe on my arm while Corrupt was a breeze in one swipe.
Mac Carbon vs MUG Corrupt Swatch

MAC’s Carbon retails for $10 for the pan and $15 for the compact at Makeup Geek’s Corruptgoes for $5.99 for the pan and $7.99 for the compact at
Mac Carbon vs MUG Corrupt Shade

If you ask me, the winner here is clear! I am really impressed with MakeupGeek’s eyeshadows all around andCorrupt is just stellar!

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