DIY: Easy Natural Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar

Let’s state some obvious things here. It’s winter. Your skin is dry and your lips are probably chapped. I have a really quick, easy and cheap DIY natural lip scrub that can help keep your lips smooth and patch-free by just using a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

DIY Easy Natural Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar

What You’ll Need:
  •  Brown Sugar
  •  Honey
  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  •  Vanilla Extract
  •  Coconut Extract
  •  A container to store it

Natural Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar

Truth be told, you could make a lip scrub with just sugar and honey, but the extracts make it smell and taste like a cookie! Olive oil adds a bit more moisture and slip to the scrub and honey contains antibacterial properties to help heal and soothe dry or cracked skin.

You can also use white sugar for a more gentle scrub. I prefer brown because I get a more thorough exfoliation due to the larger granules.

Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar

The measurements of the ingredients used are determined by the size of the batch you’ll make but just for reference, here’s what I did.

The jar I used is very small. Its actually sold as an organizing container for tiny beads in craft stores. I used about 2 tablespoons of sugar and poured in the honey little by little. The goal is to make the consistency dry enough that it is still gritty for the exfoliation but have enough liquid to be mixed in evenly.

Then, I added less than a teaspoon of olive oil, coconut and vanilla essence and mixed it gently with the handle of a spoon.

Swatch Natural Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar
The result is a gentle but effective lip scrub that smells and tastes like coconut cookies! You could of course add any flavor you like, but this is just what I had on hand and I love the outcome. This works really well to scruff off flakes or any kind of dry patches, which is a must not only for comfort but as a preliminary step to wearing bold lipsticks. 😉

Since this scrub is all natural, it will not last forever. It can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 weeks or in the shower for about a week. I make small batches so I can keep it in the shower where it is most convenient for me to use it.

See how easy that was?

Thanks for reading!

What’s your favorite way to exfoliate?