Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner Review

I have a very simple hair routine that has stood the test of time (i.e. 5 years) and it has always included a water-based leave-in conditioner straight out of the shower. One of my favorites thus far has to be Giovanni’sDirect Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner. Whew….what a mouthful that was!
Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner Review

There isn’t a whole lot you can say about a leave-in conditioner (unless you want to go all scientific with it), so I’ll just mention the key points.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner
The Direct Leave-In, is an organic, moisturizing conditioner that helps detangle, repair and style all types of hair. It has a creamy consistency that easily glides through and tames frizz on my kinda curly, kinda wavy, kinda crazy hair.

The conditioning level on this is fairly light, so if you have a finer texture that is weighed down more easily, this shouldn’t be a problem. At the same time, this weightless conditioner still works wonders on my long, thick tresses.

I generously apply this leave-in to freshly washed, wet hair that isn’t dripping, comb through and allow it to air-dry. The product, in addition to some light oil to seal in the moisture, successfully keeps the frizzies at bay and maintains moisture for days.

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Giovanni Direct Conditioner

Did I mention the Direct Leave-In is organic and vegetarian?! It contains NO sulphates, dyes or other sketchy chemical ingredients that add buildup or increase dryness overtime.

The scent is light and fresh but not very strong.

You can find Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In Conditioner at some drugstores such as Walgreens and Target and the price varies from $3 to $8. I purchased mine from Amazon for ¬†around $5.

Direct Leave In Conditioner
Overall, I am really pleased with this leave-in conditioner. It is lightweight, moisturizing and frizz-busting. I absolutely love that it contains clean, organic ingredients that help work with my hair.

I give Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In Conditioner 5/5!

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What’s your favorite Leave-In Conditioner?