Cool Nail Polish Designs for your Lovely Nails

Wearing a pretty or gorgeous nail polish adds an overall style to your look. Women usually go crazy over gorgeous nail polish designs because having pretty nails also makes women very chic. Instead of having your nails bare during special events or even during regular days, you can actually get a manicure and try some cute nail polish designs to turn your pretty nails into glamorous art pieces.

To give you ideas on cool nail polish designs that you can have, the following are the most creative nail designs ever:

Caviar Nail Polish Designs

Look very delicious with this multicolored caviar nail polish. Put on some nail glue on your nails and attach small beads in different colors for a perfect look.

Caviar nail polish

Zebra Nail Polish Designs

The zebra-inspired design can have different designs as well. Beat the monotony of black and white stripes with this black stripes in gold base.

Zebra nail polish

Cheetah Nail Polish Design

Aside from the zebra or leopard nail design, this cheetah nail polish complements an animalistic look. Put on a perfect nude base coat then manually design the nails with black cheetah prints.

Cheetah nail polish

Cracked Nail Polish Designs

The cracked nail effect is one of the most popular nail polish designs now. This cracked nails in blue is very chic and cool.

Cracked nail polish

Various Nail Polish Designs

If you are particular with art, you can have these various designs in each of your nails to make your nails more exciting to look at.

Different nail polish designs

Flowers in Pink Nail Polish Design

Women love flowers in their nail arts so get beautiful flower prints in pink base coat. You can also add drama by attaching flower studs on your pinky and index fingernails.

Flowers in pink nail polish

Newsprint Nail Polish Designs

For women who love adventure, having newsprint in your nails is very unique and one of a kind. First, apply your base coat and just when the polish hardens, stick a piece of newsprint in your nails. Allow the print to transfer for a couple of minutes and remove the newspaper. Allow the prints to stay in place by applying a colorless nail polish.

Newsprint nail polish design

Polka dots Nail Polish Designs

Polka dot designs are one of the classic nail art designs that you can have. Choose your favorite base color and apply dots using white or black polish.

Purple and Polkadots nail polish

Two Color Nail Polish Designs

Two colors are very gorgeous. Apply a bold color such as a glittery hot pink polish as a base coat. Once it has dried, apply black polish or any color you desire in a diagonal manner for that dramatic nail look.

Two color nail polish design

Unique French Manicure

French tips are easy nail polish designs. Although a white tip is very popular, you can reinvent with other colors as well. This black French manicure in matte black base coat can make Gothic women more stylish.

Unique French Nail Polish

Nail polish designs, indeed, have wide range of styles. So if you are bored with plain colors, you can have nail arts at home.