How to get thick, shiny hair

How to get thicker hair and make it  shiny  – without hitting the salon 

Fact: your hair is your crowning glory. Your hair cut and style add that much needed ‘pizzazz’ to your look. Unfortunately, the temporary beauty that hair dyes, hair irons and hair curlers bring to our hair can do damage in the long run. These beautifying products might make us pretty for an hour or two, but relentless use can dry out and dull out your once healthy and shiny hair. Here are some ways to help you have beautiful locks once again.


 What will Make your hair thicker and shiny?

Put your hair conditioner first. All of us have grown up washing our hair with shampoo first, then conditioner right after. However, shampoo can strip your hair of the oils that make it shinier. The technique to getting better-looking hair according to experts is to dab conditioner on your tresses first, avoiding the roots. Then apply shampoo to your hair roots and rinse right after. This makes your hair healthy and bouncy without losing its natural shine.

A cold water rinse works wonders. A cold water bath might give you the shivers, but it actually does wonders for your hair. This is because cold water closes the hair cuticles, making your hair look thicker and shinier. If you must need to blow-dry your hair, remember to blast it with cold air (adjust your hairdryer to the cold setting) right after.

Steer away from hair products which contain alcohol. Just as alcohol dries your skin out, hair treatments laced with alcohol can make your hair dull. To make your tresses shinier than ever, opt for creams and serums, such as those coming from Aveda’s Brilliant collection.


Silicone will make your hair shiny

Make use of hair treatment products containing silicone. Silicone works by sealing your hair cuticles, making it shiny, and reducing the damaging effects of heat all at the same time. The key to succeeding with silicone hair products is to use it as needed. Putting too much on your hair will make you look like you were doused with cooking oil. A serum works best on women with thicker hair, while those with thinner tresses should opt for a spray instead.

Use a natural comb made of boar. This natural-bristled comb works by distributing the oils, making your tresses shinier than usual. It also helps reduce hair breakage. Although boar combs are more expensive (average of $100 a pop), the prettying effects that it can bring to your coif makes it worth every penny.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in a high-end salon just to recapture the shine your hair has lost throughout the years. Just follow these tips and you will have thicker, shinier hair in no time, and at a much cheaper cost.

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