Cute Hairstyles with Fishtail Braids

Braids are such a great  way to dress up any hairstyle. Take a regular hairstyle and incorporate braids in it to instantly add texture and make it more interesting. There are a lot of styles when it comes to braids, there’s the regular French braid, the 5-strand braid, Dutch Milkmaid braids, and of course, the fishtail braids which is very popular during the summer and spring time. The fishtail braid is very easy to do but it looks very intricate and gorgeous.

  • Fishtail side ponytail – spice up your regular plain old ponytail by tying it to the side and doing fishtail braids on them. This look is so easy to do and the use of any hair or styling product is not necessary at all but can be an option if preferred. You can wear this hairstyle to the beach if you want something quick to keep your hair off your face for beach volleyball or you can also wear it on casual days. To make this look more glamorous and sexy, loosen your fishtail braids a little bit and pull some strands out, intentionally making it messy.

 side fishtail braidmessy fishtail side braid

  • Fishtail pigtails – the name might sound confusing but this hairstyle is a sure winner for summer and spring. Young, fun and flirty are the best words to describe this fishtail braid hairstyle. This hairstyle adds a more exciting twist to the pigtails we used to love as kids. Loosen the braids to make your fishtail pigtails look bigger and to add a bit of mature edge to it.

teen fishtail pigtail

fishtail pigtails

fishtail pigtail

  • Fishtail headband updo – if you want something ornate and intricate for special events that you’re planning to attend, doing the fishtail headband updo might just be the best hairstyle for you. Adding a fishtail braided headband to a classic updo like a low bun will definitely make you stand out at the event and capture awed looks from other guests.

fishtail headbandfistail headband

  • Full fishtail updo – feel extra fabulous and glamorous by going for a full fishtail braid updo. There are several ways to do a full fishtail braid updo but popular choices include braiding all of your hair and twisting it into a bun and parting your hair on both sides, braiding and rejoining them at the back (this sort of resembles a Dutch Milkmaid braid). If you want a full-on elegant fishtail braid elegant hairstyle, simply add dainty adornments like flowers or gem clips.

elegant  fishtail updo

gorgeous fishtailfishtail updo

Cute fishtail braids:

double fishtail fishtail hairstyle fishtail headband messy fishtail blonde fishtail