5 Gorgeous Hairstyles Anyone Can Wear This Spring

What we all love in spring is that opportunity to let our luscious locks fly with the wind as gorgeously as it they could. Not hidden away under beanies and bonnets.

I have compiled a list of hairstyle trends from the runway and those worn by celebrities that are totally wearable for anyone this spring. Check them out!


  1. Lobs (Long Bobs)

What’s that fine line between long hair and short hair? Glamorous long bob. It’s a prominent style among celebrities recently. You can see artists and Hollywood stars known for their long, flowing locks being won over by this extremely chic style. Good news, ladies: it’s not only wearable for anyone, it also looks great to any texture!

long bob kate mara


Kate Mara, lob for wavy hair

long bob emma stone

Emma Stone, long bob for curly texture

long bob straight cute

Long bob for gals with straight hair.

A great tip for those who will be trying this style out: make it less blunt without losing the bob-ness so tell your stylist to keep the edges wispy and slightly stacked.


  1. Bohemian Waves

Boho waves have been a trendy spring/summer hairstyle for years now. This year, it’s all about subtle and barely-there waves. The soft and wispy character of these waves is perfectly doable for any occasion this upcoming season.

boho waves smile 2015


This style is definitely great for those with lighter hair color.

boho waves cute

A center part looks great with boho waves!

boho waves 2015

The wispiness and subtlety of boho waves contrasts with a bold eye makeup which is perfect for a night out!

  1. Low Ponytails

Hairstylists have taken the standard do into a whole new level. For this season, you can wear them in two ways: sleek, straight, and long or whimsy and messy.

loop ponytail 2015

I love how that loop near the nape of the neck gives a little pop! to the structure of the whole do.

sleek ponytail

This is fabulous for wearing in the office! The accessory adds to the glossiness.

wispy low ponytail

Those little locks of hair dangling freely from the low ponytail gives a springy and summery feel to the look.

  1.  Braids

Braids will never disappear, especially during spring and summer. Spring and summer will never be the same without braids, either. A little tip for the novice braiders: the regular three-strand is okay; focus on the presentation.

side braid cute

This braided side ponytail is absolutely adorable with a day outfit!

chic side braid

This side braid totally gorgeous! Definitely perfect for a little bask in the sun or a stroll under the stars.

grunge braid high ponytail

For those rocking out to the clubs like a rockstar. Ladies, this is grunge braid which mainly consists of three french braids, a little teasing, and hairspray.

  1. Messy Bun

Messy updo has a staying power and is undeniably already a casual fashion staple. This upcoming season is no exception.

pretty messy bun

messy bun cute

A gentle reminder, ladies: there is no perfect messy bun. You have to work it out with the texture of your hair to make it look its most beautiful!