Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Here is so many cute  hairstyles for round faces- Which will suit you best?

hairstyles for round faces celebs

If you have a round face, you need to don a hairstyle which promotes length and avoids adding width to your face. A wrong hairstyle can make your face look bigger. Here are hairstyle tips which can make your round face “longer” and improve your over-all appearance.

Long hairstyles for round faces

hairstyle for  round face

Choose a long hairstyle with fullness by the crown.

Opt for a haircut wherein the hairs are situated near your cheeks , just like Mila Cunis and Drew Barrymore  did. This type of look will make your face look longer.

long hairstyle for round face

Longer layers work better. If you want to go for a layered look, tell your hairstylist to cut the shortest length at least at the level of your earlobe. A cut above the earlobe will result to a rounder face  shape and an outdated hair style.

long layered hairstyle

Work with your natural ‘hair waves.’ What you do with the middle part of your hair is pivotal – give it a style which will make your face look narrower. After washing your hair, scrunch the middle part a bit and let it dry naturally. It will create the body which can make the illusion of a longer face.

wavy hairstyle for round face miley cyris

Don’t pick a hairstyle which will add volume to your hair. Because curls add width to the face, the best way to pull out a curly do even with a round face is to ask your stylist to start the cascade below your chin.

Short  hairstyles for round faces

No short dos, please. Hairstylists usually advice women with round faces to veer away from short dos. But if you want tresses which are easier to manage especially this summer, choose a bob which ends below the chin. Bob cuts up to your chin and highly-designed tresses will make your face look bigger.

short hairstyle for round face

Straight Bangs don’t work with women with round faces . Avoid straight  bangs because it will make your nose the focal point. As a result, your face will look rounder. Straight, heavy bangs should not be tried because it will make your face look shorter and wider. Should you decide to add bangs to your hairstyle, make it long, and fix it in a way that it is swept across your face (side bangs ). For example like Kirsten Dunst and Mandy Moore.

If you have a round face, you don’t have to worry. Just remember to avoid adding width to your face, and go for hairstyles which will make your face look narrower. There are many hairstyle options for women with round faces. Follow any of these tips to make your face look longer – and your style more fab!