Cute Hairstyles to Wear to Work

Every morning while you prep yourself for work, there are so many things that run through your head and, for sure, one of those things would be “how should I wear my hair today?” It’s really nothing to worry too much about but as girls, we always like to look our best no matter where we’re headed for the rest of the day, be it at school, at the park, at the library, at the mall or at work. So, to help make your mornings a little bit easier and to save you more time on prepping for work, here’s a quick list of cute hairstyles to wear to work. These hairstyles are simple, fun and easy and they’re gorgeous, too!

  • Pin straight hair – feeling a little bit more girly today? Well, here’s a hairstyle you can wear to work that’s chic, sleek and totally office-appropriate: pin straight hair! Depending on how thick your hair is, this can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. You can do this on freshly washed hair (as long as it has been dried off) or on second day hair. Just spray on heat protectant all over your locks and start ironing your hair in sections with your preferred straightening hair tool. Dress it up with some cute hair accessories or leave it as it is. Either way, this hairstyle is super fabulous!

pin straight hair pinstraight hair

  • Pinned back bangs – sometimes you just want to keep your hair down all day long but your pesky bangs are making it impossible for you to do so because they keep poking at your eye. The solution? Pin them back! Pinned back bangs are by far one of the simplest things you can do to keep your bangs from bothering you and it looks so chic, too! If you want more style to this ‘do, just tease your bangs a little and do a mini bouffant as you pin it back.

pinned back bangs

pinned back

  • Faux bob – if you’ve got hair with really short layers in front, a faux bob is definitely a must try for you! You don’t need to actually have your hair cut into a bob to enjoy a hairstyle that’s chic and totally manageable. All you have to do is pin the longer part of your hair to the back and leave the short layers in front to frame your face and you’ve got some seriously sexy but still professional-looking ‘do on you! This hairstyle works best with textured hair so get some curls or waves on before you do it.

fauc bob diy fauc bob look

  • Wavy side ponytail – running late for work? Why not get the most out of yesterday’s curls which, by now, have probably turned into wild waves and make a wavy side ponytail out of it? Just scrunch your hair with some more mousse, concentrating on the lower half, and then smooth out the top and gather it into a side ponytail. What could be quicker and easier?

wavy side ponytail wavy side pony tail

  • Braided bangs – here’s another hairstyle you can do to keep your bangs away from your face. This hairstyle is so simple you can combine it with another hairstyle for a more sophisticated look. All you have to do is French braid your hair starting from where it is parted (center or side) and you’re done. You can continue braiding it and then do a ponytail, a bun or a half updo but you can also leave it on its own, tucked behind the ear and with your hair down.

braided bangs braided bangs hair