Essential Tips on How To Prep Your Hair For Summer

Next to our skin, the most vulnerable part of our body when it comes to summer is our hair. Heat can do tons of damage to our crowning glory, leaving it frizzy and ultimately fried. But there are other things that can damage our hair even if we’re not directly exposed to the sun. The very warm weather contributes to damaged hair during weather. Even your everyday routine could be a factor of damaged hair.

You want to take care of your hair for the hot weather. Here are some tips on prepping your hair for summer.

  • Always cover your head
    This is the season when those hats and scarves are used not only for style but also for function. Coverings for your head not only gives extra UV ray protection but it also helps for your scalp to retain moisture which dehydrates more quickly during summer. Also, it helps in protecting your hair from windy and dirt. Take this chance to wear that wide-brimmed straw hat you’ve always had and flaunt under the sun with your hair covered and moisturized. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, right?

pretty summer hats

fedora summer hat

cute summer hat

  • Seldom shampoo
    More likely, wash less often. While frequently washing your hair with shampoo clears off the dirt on your hair, it also washes away the natural oils that makes your hair shiny, glossy and wholly healthy. Let the natural oils in your scalp do their work.

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summer hair kendall jenner

  • Shampoo with sunscreen
    If you do wash and shampoo your hair, make sure that the shampoo you pick has SPF formula. But if you’re worried of applying chemically laden substance on your hair, you can just run your hands through your hair after applying sunscreen on your skin. Either way works.

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  • Wear your hair loosely
    Braiding your hair actually helps in minimizing your scalp’s exposure to the sun. However, we want to veer away from tight updos and go with the loose whimsical and messy ‘dos. You don’t have to worry about the messiness of your hair either. It totally blends along with the laid back essence of summer so worry no more.

summer braid

summer updo

  • Always condition your hair
    Add to your summer hair care regimen: conditioner. Conditioning can do tons to your hair like making it shine, avoid getting frizziness, and further moisturize your gorgeous locks. Just remember to do this at most twice a week and not more. Shampoo less often, remember?

summer conditioned hair

summer  conditioned hair

  • Opt for wide-tooth comb, not brush
    Consistently combing your hair is good since it helps on untangling the strands–an event that commonly happens during summer. It is preferable to use wide-tooth comb than brush since wide-tooth combs do the untangling a little more gently when compared to the harsh pull-and-tear of brushes.


combed hair

  • Get rid of swimmer’s hair
    Yes, the myth about your hair turning green after a dip in the pool is true. Apparently, chlorine accumulates to your hair and forms a blob of green on your unfortunate locks. This usually happens when you immediately dive into the pool without showering. Look at it this way, your hair is like a sponge. A dry sponge absorbs more of the pool water than a wet sponge that have already absorbed tap water before being sunk into the pool. So, ladies, if you want to take a swim in the pool, make sure to head to the shower and dampen your hair first. If you already have the swimmer’s hair, then take 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water to get rid of the greenness and dullness.

wet hair

wet hair look