Fun and Chic Ways to Wear a Bun

One of the first hairstyles that most of us have learned from a very young age is the bun. There are several different methods to creating a bun and each one of us has a unique way in putting our hair up in a bun. If you like having your hair up all the time so it doesn’t bother you during a busy day then the bun is definitely for you. However, wearing you hair in a bun all the time tends to look boring so we’ve come up with a list of fun and chic ways to wear a bun for days when you want to play it up and wear your bun differently. Check them out below!

  • Posh and sleek – on days when you want to wear your bun and you want it to look posh and sleek, just wear your bun with your hair slicked back. You can do this with your bun as low or as high as you want as long as you pull it back real tight. But because it’s tight, though, I wouldn’t recommend that you do it on your hair everyday as it may cause damage.

sleek low bun tight top bun

  • Textured Boho chic – if you want something more laidback and relaxed, you can wear your bun Boho chic style. They key to achieving this look is to add texture to the overall hairstyle by starting with wavy hair. Finger comb your hair and gather it up into a bun, secure and pull out a little bit to also give it a bit of a messy look. You can also add on a headband to really go all out on the Bohemian vibe.

messy textured bun

glam textured bun

  • Accessorized – for some women who wear their hair in a bun a lot, the plain ol’ bun can be quite a bit of a bore. The solution? Accessorize! Style up your bun however you like: high, low, sleek, messy, to the side, top knot – again, just however you like it. After you have your hair up in a bun, just add on an accessory like a clip, a headband, some hair jewelry or a fascinator and you’re all set!

fancy accessorized bun gorgeous crowned bun

  • Coiled bun – this bun style is really cool if you want a hairstyle that could last you from day to night and you get two options from it as well! The first one is, simply, to wear your hair like so all day and all night. The coiled look of the bun is interesting enough to take you from desk to dinner or to wherever else you’re headed for the night. The second choice is to wear your hair in a coiled bun during the day and release your hair with gorgeous waves for the night. Coiling your hair gives it texture and waves, it’s like getting two hairstyles in one!

cool coiled bun easy coiled bun

  • Vamped up with volume – for a really sexy take on the regular bun, why not vamp it up with volume? There are lots of ways to add volume to your bun but one of the easiest is to back comb your hair for volume from the roots and then use a sock bun to give the bun itself a little bit more volume as well.

big sleek top bun big fluffy bun