How to Get Shiny Hair

Nothing says neglected hair more than dull, dry and frizzy locks. With all the harsh elements that your hair gets exposed to everyday – heat, pollution, styling, chemicals from products – getting your hair to look healthy and shiny can be quite a challenge. However, the good news is that it is attainable and you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get your hair back to looking shiny. Here are some simple tips on how to get shiny hair. Follow these tips and your hair will be enviously lustrous in no time.

  • Rinse with cold water – I know, I know. With the temperature being so freezing cold, it’s just impossible not to take a bath with warm water. That’s fine. You can continue bathing in warm water for as long as you like but if you want to give your hair the shine that it has lost, make sure you give you hair a final rinse using cold water. Using cold water on your hair for the final rinse makes it shiny because cold water helps smoothen out your hair cuticles so that it reflects light.

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  • Vinegar rinse – if you don’t like the feeling of getting cold water on your head at all, you can also try a vinegar rinse. Usually, this rinse is done with white vinegar but you can use apple cider vinegar as a substitute as well. All you need to do is mix one part vinegar with three parts water and use this to give you hair a final rinse after you wash your hair. The solution will help clear out any product buildup and will clarify your hair and scalp to make your hair shinier.


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  • Go for glossing treatments – if you want something that you can use to make your hair shinier everyday, you can also try using glossing treatments. There are lots of glossing treatments out there that you can use conveniently at home. There are also some that are specially formulated for color treated hair which not only add shine to your mane but also help retain the color longer and make it look more vibrant. What’s great about home glossing treatments is that they take only 3 to 5 minutes to apply so you can easily sneak it into your daily morning routine to have shiny hair all the time.

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  • Apply hair serum – looking for a way to add shine to your hair all throughout the day? Then you should definitely try out hair serums. The great thing about hair serums is that they’re easy to use and they’re instant meaning all you have to do is apply it on to your hair and it will give your hair instant shine. You don’t need any hair tool or equipment for serums to work and with hair serums, a little goes a long way so even if you get the expensive kind, it will last you a long period of time.

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  • Use a leave in conditioner – leave in conditioner is great if you’re looking for a way to add shine to your hair and at the same time make your hair soft and moisturized. It fights off frizz too so you can stop worrying about having a bad hair day anymore.

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