How to Style a Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts have been one of the hottest hairstyles that a lot of celebrities have been sporting lately. Despite being very short, the pixie cut remains sexy with an added edge. Not a lot of women are brave enough to have their hair chopped off this short though. One of the biggest reasons why many women hesitate on getting their hair cut short is because of the limited number of styles you can do with it. Unlike long hair, you can’t braid short hair, you can’t tie it up in a ponytail or dress up your look with it by having it in a bun. On the plus side, you really don’t need to do all those because short hair is very manageable and stylish on its own. If you’re thinking of cutting your hair short, you should definitely try going for a pixie cut. It’s a very fierce, bold and edgy look that will surely have you looking stunning. Plus, there are a variety of ways to style this simple hairstyle. Check out some ways on how to style a pixie cuy below:

  • A faux hawk – looking for a way to style your pixie cut in such a way that it would add a sort of a rock-and-roll-slash-punk-rock kind of edge? Try doing a faux hawk. Just slather a generous amount of hair gel on to your hair and then gather it and style it upwards to get that faux hawk peak. This look is one of the hottest you’ll see on print and on the runway. There are also celebrities who sport this bad ass look including Miley Cyrus (of course), Halle Berry and Pink.

faux hawk faux hawk hair

  • Sleek and sexy – a pixie cut may frighten you at first because of your fear of ending up looking like a boy but just look at Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway. These two ladies were some of the most gorgeous celebs who used to look super sweet and girly in their long locks but as soon as they had they hair chopped off into a pixie, it instantly transformed them into the sexy and sophisticated stars they are today. That’s what a sleek pixie cut can do for you. You can achieve a sleek pixie just by using a combination of styling mousse and gel on to your hair and smoothing it out. Do a deep side part if you want a more refined look to go with the sleek pixie.

sleek pixie hair

sleek pixie sleek

  • Bed head style – who says a bed head inspired hairstyle can only be done on medium to long hair? Another sexy and gorgeous look you can pull off with a pixie cut is bed head style hair. Massage styling mouse on to hair, mess your hair up and tousle it around then give it a good shake before you finish off with hairspray. Perfect for days when you’re pressed for time but still want a sharp look.

messy pixie messy

  • Pixie pompadour – here’s something that looks really bold and fashion-forward: a pixie pompadour. If you’re planning on sporting this look, have your hairstylist cut your hair in a pixie with long bangs in front. To get this look, just tease your bangs and put it up in a pompadour (use bobby pins if necessary, depending on pompadour style) and style the rest of your hair as usual.

pixi pompadour pixie pompadour hair pixie