How To Wear Tiaras Like An Adult

Hello, guys! So I’m going out on a limb here with this article. But really, there is a certain head accessory that you would not have expected to flourish in this year’s spring and summer season. That’s right:¬†tiara.

plastic tiara Kendall Jenner

Tiaras once had a very solid reputation as little girls’¬†accessories, something that only princesses are fit to wear. Before, tiaras signify as either elegant and royal or whimsically childish. And it seems that many of the widely acclaimed fashion designers thought for this year’s spring and summer seasons, “Why can’t tiaras be both?” Something that is whimsical yet elegant at the same time.

Here are a few tips and tricks on wearing tiaras casually on the streets and without looking unfittingly childish.

Well, first and foremost, tiaras will definitely be stunning when worn in a formal event. It is basically the exact occasion that the tiara is made of, anyway. But if you do not want your tiara to look too tacky and unfitting to your without a doubt maturely elegant formal getup, I suggest going for tiny tiaras that add glittering elements to your formal outfit oh so subtly.

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If the typical princess-y tiara is just not your type of accessory, there is a different kind of tiara that might appeal to you. Go for halo tiaras that go around your temple and the back of your head rather than being perched on the apex of your head. They give off this serene and elegant feel that is good for something ladylike and Bohemian at the same time.

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These halo tiaras are also perfect to wear as an alternative to flower crowns in the up and coming music festivals that you will definitely be attending this summer. Because of the innate Bohemian feel of this kind of tiara, the halo tiara will definitely fit in among the rest of your usual festival clothes in your festival season wardrobe.

halo tiara tiara floral

Tiaras don’t necessarily have to be embedded with piles of diamonds. Greek gods and goddesses have laurel leaves crowned around the back to either sides of their heads. This is what inspired laurel semi-halo tiaras. These tiaras, like the rest of the other tiaras mentioned above, are elegant in nature. But unlike the other tiaras, semi-halo ones with laurel design is, more often than not, casual to wear. You can wear them with sleek and minimalist outfits and they will look perfect. Plus, you will get that wow factor to a T!

cute tiara tiaras

Lastly, we have these hanging chained tiaras that are similar to chained headdresses. The only difference is that these tiaras lean more on the simplistic style while the headdresses go all out and bold with its design. Chain tiaras are actually as popular today as the flower crown and, like the halo tiaras, these are also great alternatives to flower crown.

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