Cool Ombre Hair Color ideas With Highlights

ombre hair  highlightsOmbre hair color and highlights

Ombre is a beautiful and exotic hair color sported by many celebrities, such as Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson, and Sarah Jessica Parker. The Ombre hair style is characterized with dark hair originating from the roots, with the shade getting progressively lighter by the tips.


What’s great about the Ombre hair color is that it’s perfect for any type of woman. Whether you are pale or dark-skinned, or have cool or warm-toned eyes, you can pull off a headful of ombre hair if you want to. This type of hairstyle is perfect for work, or for even on a date with your boyfriend.

celeb-ombre hair
celeb-ombre hair

How to get Ombre hair color

If you want to achieve this look the natural way, a technique is to always wear a hat to expose your tips to the sun. You may need to wait for a few months for the coloring to take effect.

If you want to achieve the ombre effect immediately, of course the most obvious solution is to dye your hair. If you have dark hair, apply a neutral to golden dye to the tips of your hair. But if you plan on dying both your roots and your tips, make it a point to apply the dark hair color first at the roots, and the light hair dye at the tips. Use a ‘moist’ type of light hair dye to achieve the perfect ombre look.


Dilute the preparation with water to make the effect more subtle and natural.   For best results, use Clairol Natural Instincts or Clairol Nice N Easy.

beautiful ombre hair

Maintaining your ombre hair

Washing your hair with the wrong hair products can make the color fade immediately. To maintain your outstanding ombre tresses, use a brunette shampoo near the roots and a lightening blonde conditioner at the tips. A good pair to try out is the John Frieda Brunette Shampoo and Sheer Blonde Conditioner.Dark blonde with ombre undertone is really cute.

To keep your ombre locks shiny and beautiful, make it a point to apply beautifying hair products, such as the Maijan Moroccan Argan Oil, as needed.

Avoid using hair foils – or else you’ll surely fail. The problem with foils is that it makes the color borders highly visible, which will make your ombre hair color look artificial.

Ombre hair color is the in thing nowadays. Just follow these tips and be able to achieve a stunning yet subtle ombre hair color worthy of a red carpet appearance!

Two toned ombre hairstyles: