How to Dress Up a Messy Bun

Gone are the days when women bothered about how sleek and neat their hairstyles are before leaving the house. Today, you’ll see women everywhere sporting messy hairstyles, including a messy bun. From being neat and polished, now it’s ‘messy is sexy’. It’s not only in the streets that you’ll see these messy buns, they’re all over the runways too. If you’re always pressed for time in the morning for preparing for the day but you still want to look pretty then you’ll find that the messy bun may just be your best friend. Here are some ways on how you can dress up a messy bun to give it a fresh new twist from time to time:

  • Use a nice clip to accessorize – if your messy bun is too plain and messy, it tends to look like just one huge chunk of hair sitting on top of your head. This is especially true if you haven’t got highlights and lowlights to give your hair depth and dimension. To prevent your messy bun from looking like a blob, add a pretty hair clip to accessorize your messy bun and make it look more well-put together.

messy bun and hair clip messy bun with clip

  • Wear a headband with it – a headband does not only look good when your hair is down, it also looks nice as an addition to any messy bun. You can wear your headband separately from the messy bun or you can wear it with the messy bun by looping your hair around the headband, it all depends on what hairstyle / look you want to achieve. A plain headband will work but if you want to glam up a messy bun. go for the fancy kind with embellishments on it. Multi-layered headbands look great with a messy bun, too.

headband and messy bun

headband and messy bun hair headband and messy bun hairstyle

  • Add a pouf to it – when you feel like adding a nice vintage-y twist to your messy bun, the simplest thing you can do is to add a pouf to it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘beehive’ pouf’, you can simply tease or back comb the front section of your hair and hold it with hairspray before you put it up in a bun. No need for extra hair tools like bump-its or whatnot, it’s as simple as that. This results to really chic-looking hair.

pouf and messy bun hair pouf and messy bun

  • Incorporate braids – got time to really glam up your hair but stuck with the messy bun because you love how the messy look makes you sexier? Well, no problem! Just go ahead and incorporate braids anywhere in your messy bun and it’s sure to go from plain and sexy messy to gorgeously sexy messy bun.

braids and messy bun hairstyle braids and messy bun hair