How to Embrace the Messy Look

Aren’t you glad that today more and more makeup looks and hairstyles are focusing on getting that perfectly disheveled look instead of obsessing about getting every single strand in place or having porcelain-like flawless skin? I know I am. Messy looks mean not having to spend countless hours in front of the mirror perfecting your look. This is perfect for all the busy ladies out there and great for lazy days too (we all have those every once in a while don’t we?). Here are some tips on how to embrace the messy look.

  • PERFECT YOUR MAKEUP BASE – even when you’re aiming for that messy look, you’ll want a huge part of the look to be nice and neat so that the messy part looks intentional and not something that would put you across as sloppy slob. The best way to get that intentionally messy look is to have a perfectly clean base for makeup. Even out your skin tone and cover up your blemishes to get flawless looking skin. With a flawless base, your messy hair and no-effort makeup will look sensationally sexy.

camilla belle side part frizzy hair wispy bangs

  • ONTO MAKEUP – now onto makeup. If you’re planning on doing messy hair, you can’t go with a fully made up face. Instead, go for something lighter like a bright lip and one color swept all over the lid, preferably neutral. Some blush would look nicely, too, especially if you’re rather pale. Forget about contouring and highlight, those won’t be necessary for the ‘rushed’ look.

jessica alba perfect mess

simple artful messy look

  • FORGET THE PART – got dirty hair but no time to shower? Sometimes even when you spritz on some dry shampoo, the dirty roots show. The solution? Mess up your hair parting! Change it up and part it to where you usually wouldn’t. This covers up dirty roots really nicely and it gives you that tousled look perfectly as well.

hair side part perfect skin messy hair

  • FOR A MESSY UPDO – now, if you don’t want your hair bothering you or getting on your face every single time, you can do a messy updo instead. A bun would be ideal though a ponytail would make a nice ‘do, too. Keep it messy by loosening up your updo and maybe pulling out a small chunk or two from it.

classy messy chignon tousled hair with side part

  • DISHEVELED FASHION – lastly, to have that effortless messy look for your outfit, make sure to something baggy, loose or oversized. Make sure you don’t overdo it so you don’t end up looking too sloppily dressed. You’ll want to keep the chic vibe in your messy, disheveled look.

cara delevingne hot mess perfectly disheveled look