Beautiful Bridal Makeup Looks for Spring

Aside from all the beautiful new flowers coming to bloom, one other thing that we love spring is the fact that so many magical and romantic weddings happen during this season. To me, personally, there’s no more perfect time to get married than in spring when the temps are starting to warm up and the flowers are starting to bloom and emit their sweet, sweet scents. If you’re a lucky spring bride-to-be, congratulations! I hope you enjoy your day just as much as I enjoy fantasizing about events like these every day. Here are some beautiful bridal makeup looks for spring that you might want to have your stylist recreate for you. These makeup looks are simple yet super gorgeous and elegant, perfect for any springtime bride.

  • Sexy smoky eye – if you’re the kind of woman who like to keep her looks sexy, sultry and seductive, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be all for a sexy smoky eye on your wedding day. Now, not a lot of women would want heavy makeup as their bridal look but if you dig it then don’t let anything or anyone stop you from rocking it. After all, it is your day, isn’t it? When doing a smoky eye as your bridal makeup look, though, try not to use all dark colors. You can start with a simple and natural makeup look as your ‘base’ and then just smoke out the outer corners with dark eye shadows. Doing very dark and heavy smoky eyes can have looking too gothic in pictures.

sexy smoky eye bridal smoky eye

  • Romantic smoky eye – now if you want something that’s both sexy and romantic at the same time, you should definitely give the romantic smoky eye look a shot. The techniques used to create this look are basically the same as those you use for a regular smoky eye but the colors are very different. To give it a romantic twist, use shades of pink for your lid and highlight then use a light to medium purple on the crease and use a bronzy color to get that smoky look. Of course, you can always change up the color palette for this look. Experiment until you find the perfect romantic smoky eye for you.

pinkish smoky eye

romantic smoky eye look

  • Soft makeup for dewy skin – another beautiful look that you can recreate, especially for morning and afternoon weddings, is soft makeup paired with dewy skin. Dewy skin can be a little tricky to recreate but once you perfect it, you won’t settle for anything else. It gives you that nice, fresh look and the soft makeup that goes with it will look super amazing as well. The key to achieving dewy skin is to use products with a pearly / pearlescent finish. Soft makeup look, on the other hand, can be achieved by using cream-based products.

fresh dewy bridal makeup soft and dewy look

  • All natural – if you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want everything to look fresh, including your makeup. An all natural makeup look is perfect for these kinds of weddings because it basically just conceals your flaws and blemishes and brings out your natural beauty. It’s also highly recommended for outdoor weddings because it’s lightweight and has less chances of having you ending up with messy and caked makeup.

light and natural makeup natural bridal makeup

  • Vintage inspired – and lastly, for those really fabulous and glamorous vintage inspired weddings, what else would look better on the bride than vintage inspired makeup? Winged tip liner, sexy red lips and a flawless face – that’s about all you need for a vintage inspired makeup look. Of course, a vintage / retro-ish hairstyle will complete your whole look so don’t forget about that!

vintage glam makeup vintage bridal makeup