Cool and Highly Feminine Emo Makeup


In conjunction with some mind- stirring layers of hair, putting on some emo make up paves way to an emo look. This kind of style is haled to be an in-thing among both men and women. Thus, setting up a touch of moodiness can be achieved through a perfect stroke of eyeliner.


Getting deeper, with the aim of getting this kind of hip look, grab an emo make up with you and bring on the style in a snap.

emo girl with blue hair

Here’s how.

Emo look is designed to be dark and heavy. Consequently, you will certainly need a bunch of black make up.  Eyeliner is the king of the show, I must say. This is a key to achieve the emo look that a vast number of women today desires to try.

sexy purple  emo makeup


With this in mind, choosing the right kind of eyeliner is a must. Your eyeliner does not need to be costly. Of course, you can always take advantage with the cheaper ones so long as your skin jives with it comfortably.

Liquid eyeliners are ideal for a newbie. On the other hand, eye paint with great set of fashionable brushes is flawless for a pretty silhouette for a pretty finish.

emo makeup


Ascertain to go for eyeliner that never smudges. To do so, let the eyeliner dry before putting an eye shadow.

Make the eye shadow thicker and darker as much as possible. Take note with the word thicker, ladies. The thicker it is, the more emo style you get. That’s the rule of the thumb.

However, you can also take advantage with those colored-eyeliners for more vivacity. Play with hues. Most men stick to black for an emo style. Consequently, women can go for dark blue, red and brown. Apply some stroke on top of your lashes. But, make it smooth on this area.

smoky cat eye emo makeup

A catlike effect is highly suggested. Drawing a line that slants upward towards your eye temples is a way to create a wonderful emphasis on your eyes. A smoky appeal boosts your emo mode. In fact, you can use fake eyelashes for a more impressive look.

In achieving an emo look, steer clear from putting a vibrant- colored lipstick because your aim is to focus all the attention to your dramatic eyes. Therefore, apply a light lip balm or pale lipstick for your lips.

A good choice for a facial foundation gives a perfect finish. A pale-looking face makes you look more than a Goth than an emo.

dark smoky eye makeup


Lastly, if you are unsure of what colors to choose that will to-a-T to the tone of your skin, spending some time visiting different makeup stores is the best thing to do. Salespeople definitely know what’s good for you and what’s not.

Achieving an emo look is never impossible with the perfect pick for an emo make up.