Makeup ideas for Blue Eyes

Finding the right makeup for blue eyes can be difficult. You need to choose cosmetics that are capable to put the accent on your optics. When you made the right choice of makeup for your blue eyes, it will be very difficult for guys to resist your charm. But if you put on inappropriate eye cosmetics, your eyes are likely to look lifeless.
When wearing makeup for your blue eyes, it should be dependent on your desired looks. You may want to look like you don’t have any makeup at all for a casual day, while for a formal event; you may consider looking classy. You may also aim at having a dramatic aura for an evening party using the right shades.
Here are some tips to bear in mind before you apply rouge on your eyes.
The best eye shadows for blue eyes are white, khaki, chocolate brown, camel and grey.
When applying eye shadow, be conscious of your eye shape, as well. Putting on eye shadow on deep set eyes should be different from applying makeup on almond shape eyes or down turned eyes. Determine your eye shape and know the perfect way to accentuate it with makeup.

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Dark blue, dark green, brown and black eyeliners are the best choices for blue eyes. But this does not mean you can’t go for pastel colors such as pink, purple or lavender.
Avoiding wearing thick mascara. It should always be just barely adequate so as not to overpower the already stunning color of your eyes.
Last but not the least; you have to be cautious of the brand you will pick. It has to be from a reputable company, made of safe ingredients and one that can provide you with makeup that does not fade in an instant.

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