Fantabulous Nail Art Ideas

Nail art is an art of making your nails looks fantastically good, and eye catchy. These new way of decorating your nails with new designs and art work has seemingly become popular these days and has gained so many nail art lovers, which includes celebrities like Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Heidi Montag and lots more.


Lada GaGa and her fashionable black with pink heart nail art

LadyGaga Nail art

All you need is some patience to paint your nails with some designs.

Rihanna with her happy smiley nail art design

rihanna nail art

Heidi Montag is happily posing with her fashionable black nail art design

heidi montag nail art

To start with, completely shape your nails in desired shape with a file and remove any old polishes, later, coat them with a nice brand of base color, and wait until it completely dries before you proceed with any other designing.

Lovely hearts nail art will love awesome on valentines day

valentine heart nail art

You can use a paintbrush to paint the nails, and using good quality polish will prevent it from getting chipped and faded soon. Later when the base color dries completely design the nails with the artwork of your desired designs, start to paint slowly and patiently.

 Pink owl nails

pink owl nail design

Glossy nail art design accompanied with a butterfly  tattoo

Glossy nail art designs

Wait till it completely dries off before doing any work that will smudge the polish, you can do these artwork in your natural nails or using artificial nails too.

Striped nail design

striped  nail design

Go all fancy with these pointed nails decorated in pink and black

Pointed fashionable nail art

You can also draw design using a thin paintbrush, toothpick, or bob pins, in order to erase any mistake use cotton ear buds or acetone to remove them quickly. Make sure you use different brush for different colors to avoid mixing or smudging of colors and design.

Fancy flowery nail art with multi colors and stones

Fancy flowery nail art


Most women these days, love nail art just because it adds definition to your nails and make it look attractive on any special occasion or for some party or just to match your favorite dress color.

Funky watermelon nail art design

water melon nail art

Sometime these nail art design also depict the kind of passion you have like animal prints for animal lovers, funky designs for fun lovers, flowers and other fruit designs for the one who like to depict nature, and so on, style you nails according to the fashion and style according to a particular theme.


Glittery awesome peacock blue nail art, aren’t they fascinating?

Peacock Blue Glittery nail art

There are many designs to choose from or you can just use your creativity to decorate your nails, either do them at home or get a professional help to make it look perfect.

 Multi color shimmering nail art

Multi shimmer nail art

original and pretty nail design

original and pretty nail design