Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Colorful nail designs are all the buzz nowadays. Before, only women with long nails can don exquisite nail designs. But now, even you – yes, you with the short nails – can make your nails oh so pretty. With these easy nail designs; you don’t have to grow your nails to covet the nail look that celebs have.

Hungry  Monster nails =)

monster crazy nail art

 Deasign Inspired by Doodle Grub!

doodle nail art cute

Yummie  cakes

cake nail design

Easy Striped nail designs for short or long nails

pastel striped nails



Bright Snowflakes nails!

snowflakes nail design for short nails
snowflakes nail design for short nails

This classic style is perfect for any place, and for any occasion. A striped nail design is very easy to do – you don’t have to visit the salon anymore because you can do this by yourself.

First, apply an even coat of your favorite nail color and let it dry out thoroughly. Next, use a nail art pen (try Sally Hansen or Migi Migi) and draw on the stripes on your nails. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal – the choice is yours. Color options for nail art pens are bountiful – violet, blue, pink, gold, orange – and the list goes on.

Tribal nail design

tribal nail design for short nails

Easy Checkered nail design and also strawberry nails

chekered and strawberry nails


Watermelon french nails

watermelon french nail design

Pacman forever!

pacman nail art


A checkered nail design is also perfect for short nails. The process of making a checkered nail design is similar to making a striped nail design. After drying your base coat, use your nail art pen to make a checkered design. You can use two types of nail art pens for a more diverse and colorful look.

Easy Polka Dots designs

polka dot nails

Katy Perry polka dot pink and black nails

Katy Perry polka dot nails


With nail art pens and nail art dotting tools widely available in beauty stores, making your short nails pretty with polka dots is very easy to do. Just like the aforementioned styles, to make a polka dot design, you need to coat your nails first. As soon as your nail polish is dry, it’s time to put the dots on your nails.

Easy Nail stamp art

konad nail stamp nails

Two toned nails,  mix red and black nail polish

two toned black and red nails


Do you want to achieve the nail art look created by professional manicurists? You don’t have to spend hundreds to do so, because you can have cute artworks on your fingertips with nail stamps. Try the Konad Stamping Nail Art program and you’ll have hundreds of cute designs to choose from. Nail stamping can be so addictive that you might end up changing your nail art every day.


LV inspired..

Flowers black and white nail art

Very positive sunny  side colors

sky  positive rainbow  nail design
sky positive nail design

The kings..

crazy the kings nails


Nail art gemstones

prune  - eggplant nails with gemstones


Now, even girls with short nails can add bling-blings to their fingertips. Nail art stones, also known as cat’s eye stones, can add that sparkle to your hands. For best results, apply a coat of your favorite nail color and attach these colorful, shimmery gems with a special nail glue. You can place them spontaneously, group them, or even make a flower design.

Leopard print designs is easy and cute

leopard nails

Women like you with short nails can also have fun with designing and accessorizing your fingertips. With the many nail art materials available, designing your short nails have become fun, easy, and affordable.

I love glitter  nail designs!

glitter around the nails

Black nail polish  with  pink  glitter- very stylish!

black and pink nails with glitter

Funny penguin nails!

short nail designs

 Some more of Stylish nail ideas!

Stylish nail designs for short nails

 Snowman design- pretty on short nails!

Snowman short nail designs