Flaunt Yourself With Minx Nails

Every woman loves to adorn herself with the touch of fashion even though she is most beautiful, without the final finish of fashion streak we never feel confident to step out. If you’re still reading this, am sure you must be one of those lovers of latest fashion stroll.

Pink Leopard Print nails

The above pink leopard print will looks trendy and awesome on nails and why don’t you try them?

Glossy minx nails

Okay, so what do you think is the latest thing that hits the ramp of the Hollywood stream? Are Fancy clothes, makeup, goggles, and hairstyles going to be your answer? Well lady, you’ve still not boarded our high style fashion train, wake up and get your boots on, for we have lots more to tell you what has now recently cast its spell on almost every Hollywood stars, ramp walkers and fashion freaks, is none other than extending the fashion to your fingertips, don’t get what I say? Get minxed!

These Minx nails comes in various designs ans the above silvery striped are one you can flaunt on

Leopard Print Toe Nails

Minx nails is the latest fashion fever that has caught every star! If you’ve heard of it somewhere and don’t really know what it is, let me tell you, It replaces your old fashioned nail polishes, for minx nails are easy to apply and hardly takes 15 minutes to get it done from the saloon or at home using ready made kits, it doesn’t use any chemicals to apply it to your nails, just heat and pressure will do the work. Select your favorite design, and all you have to do is just peel it from the sheets, wear it on your nails under heat and smooth it, The best advantage being, it doesn’t get smudged like nail polishes and need no drying time too, just wear it on your nails and you can get on the go. Minx nails lasts for nearly 5-7 weeks on your toes and a couple of weeks on your finger nails and lasts longer if they are taken proper care, you can also apply nail creams as usual and it wouldn’t harm them.

Copper Minxnails

Steamy red copper color is always a hit and minx nails never fail to provide you with hot red nails, and if you are looking for fiery hot ones, go on with red minx nails or the below golden black fancy ones.

Golden Black combo Nails


Minx nails are made of solid film that comes in various designs and colors with adhesive behind them, and once heated they get seated on nails and fit perfectly well, you can choose your favorite design and color and get them stuck to your nails. Some of the designs include, dots, flowers, stripes, checkers, 3D designs, gold and silver shines etc.


Minx Nail DesignsThese are few of the samples of the glossy nails and you may find lot more of your choice and even animal lovers can print their favorite kitty or pups on their nails.


Kitty Minx Nails


Removing minx nails are easier as you can think, you can get them removed from experts or you can simply remove them at home by heating your nails with a hairdryer for few minutes and once it starts to fold at the edges you can just peel them away, it doesn’t require any chemicals or nail polish remover to remove them.

Glittery minx nails


Don’t they sound easier and fabulous? Get your nails minxed today, and get yourself pampered like a celebrity and make others look at you in awe!

Cherry Red Nails