Striking Metallic Nails

Metallic nails are one of the most striking and eye catching nail polish designs ever made. Not only do they create a magnificent dazzle in your nails, they also make it look healthier because of the incomparable shine in the nails. Some people stay out from metallic nail polish because they are very hard to wear as others say, but picking the right metallic nail polish, you will surely get to wear them perfectly. If you are looking for fabulous metallic nail polish ideas, the following colors and styles are really pretty:

Metallic silver nails are really very pretty when worn as french nails like this one. Move out from white french tips by using silver tips instead above a grey nail polish base.

Silver metallic french nails

This orange nail polish with metallic silver accent is also very striking. Instead of using plain pastel color in your nails, you can add a single metallic silver stripe for that beauty in your nails. Flashes of metallic nails

Another unique metallic nail polish are metallic gold nails with cheetah design. You can achieve this look by applying a gold metal polish and print some cheetah designs using black polish after the gold has dried. Metallic  Cheetah nails

Using your metallic silver nail polish, you can also create unique metallic nails by applying a pastel pink tip and some grey and black dots for that natural look. Metallic and neon nails

Another unique French manicure idea using metallic nails is using a gold metallic polish and using black tips for that seductive and brilliant French tip manicure.Metallic french tip

Now if you want bolder colors, this solid metallic gold nails is just very stylish and chic. Rihanna wears metallic gold nail polish for that posh look.Metallic gold nails

For another unique design, this black and silver metallic nail design  is very stylish and chic. Apply a black base color and stick some metallic silver patterns above.Metallic nail design

Red is a classic color in terms of nail polish, but if you want a more striking color, using metallic red nail polish such as this one is really gorgeous.

metallic nails

You can also experiment on your nails by wearing this metallic black, silver and gold stripped nails.Metallic stripes nails

For a more abstract nail polish design, create this metallic silver nails with black web design. You don’t actually need to have uniform prints, just use black nail polish to create your own design.Metallic web nailsMetallic nails are really very gorgeous. Make your own metallic design or use the above ideas for that striking nails.