Hawaiian Flower Tattoos For Women

For decades now, Hawaiian flower tattoos have becoming all the rage in the walks of time. These tattoos signify both beauty and feminism. This is basically the reason behind most ladies’ preference towards this type of tattoo design.

Accordingly, this comes in different sizes, accentuation and colors.

Hawaiian Hibiscus flower tattoo on shoulder



It can be noted as well that every Hawaiian flower tattoo design signifies lots of gist behind it.

Hawaiian Side tattoo

hawaiian side tattoo for women

Specifically, Hibiscus flower tattoo is one of the finest designs that a vast number of women go crazy about. Provided with the fact that this is Hawaii’s national flower, Hibiscus tattoo further signifies connection with the astounding island of Hawaii.

hawaiian flower tattoos for girls

More significantly, a lot of tourists get tropical flower tattoos as they lay their feet out the island as a living attestation for their love for such a wonderful island like Hawaii.

Purity is what this Hawaiian flower tattoo design represents. Therefore, if you are considering yourself as one of those girls who can’t blow away the beauty and passion for Hawaii, a Hibiscus flower tattoo is a perfect way to vividly let somebody see it.

hawaiian flower tattoos for girls


On the other hand, tattoo enthusiasts are highly visible all over the globe. In fact, these people are perceived to patiently searching for Hawaiian flower tattoos for girls that has an eternal appeal. In this regard, Hawaiian flowers tattoos are such a splendid object with elegance that can last for centuries.

hawaiian flower foot tattoo

Enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the idea of knowing the different meanings of flowers as typically used in most Hawaiian flower tattoos.

hawaiian flower tattoo designs used by celebs

  • Daffodil: This flower conveys deceit, hope, and unreciprocated love.
  • Daisy: A daisy tattoo symbolizes innocence and clean intention. However, wild daisies indirectly convey a message saying “Let me think about it for a sec.” On the other hand, a colored daisy means magnificence and splendor.
  •  Lotus: This is a symbol of love at odds and emptiness in lust.  However, this flower holds a significant role in legends and myths in both India and Egypt.
  • Red rose: Red roses connote romance and oneness. Pink ones entail unspoken love. White roses bring forth assurance of a never fading love. Rosebuds speak for youth and purity. Yellow roses pass on envy, jealousy and a hopeful oath.
  • Sunflower: Sunflower is the best symbol for love for nature’s exquisiteness. Splendid and entrancing.
  • Angelica: This is a perfect Hawaiian flower tattoo for women who love magic and happy ending.
  • Cherry- blossom: It speaks about spiritual splendor.
  • Peach- blossom: It is a flower that conveys a message saying, “I am your captive.”

The fact that there are thousands of flower types that are conspicuous in all side of the globe makes it unfeasible to mention all of them and their meanings.

This is basically the reason why Hawaiian flower tattoos are highly popular among Hollywood stars and other know celebrities. One of them is Joss Stone as illustrated above.

cool hawaiian flowers tattoos

Among the list of celebrities with flower tattoos are Drew Barrymore, Hale Berry, Charlize Theron, Heather Locklear, Kelly Clarkston, and Sophie Anderton.

So, if you want to look like your favorite star, have these popular Hawaiian flower tattoos today.

hawaiian flower hand wrist tattoo

Consequently, doing a little research from your end in order to gain a full understanding on the meanings behind these Hawaiian flower tattoos is highly beneficial on your part, ladies!