Beautiful Behind the Ear Tattoos

Behind the ear tattoos are considered favorites by many women, especially when celebrity Demi Lovato flaunted her feather ink. It’s one way to express yourself without etching huge inks on your body parts. It’s very convertible, as you can show your tattoo by tying your hair, and hide it by bringing your locks down. If you are considering of having this unique style, then here are great ideas for behind the ear tattoos.

behind the ear tattoo

Stars tattoos on the ear and behind

stars ear tattoo

Stars are common tattoos in women, and they make for stellar behind the ear tattoos. If you want a simple look, you can go for a single star. But if you want a cascading look, you can ask your tattoo artist to draw a shooting star behind your ear. You can also have several stars tattooed for a constellation-like design.

Tribal design or symbol

tribal ear tattoo

Tribal tattoos are often seen in large areas of the body such as the arms and the back. However, they can also be beautiful behind the ear tattoos. You can look for a symbol that represents your name or your qualities, and ask your tattoo artist to draw it behind your ears.

Chinese symbol tattoo

tattoo behind ear

Butterfly tattoos

tribal butterfly tattoo for girl

If you want a colorful behind the ear tattoo, then opt for a butterfly ink. You can ask your artist to draw each wing side on each side of your head.You can also go for an entire butterfly caricature on one side. What’s great about this design is that you can have a butterfly that is colored in your hues of choice.

Stylish Om ear tattoo

om ear tattoo girl

Feather tattoo

feather tattoo behind the ear

A feather behind the ear tattoo was popularized by Demi Lovato, and now it’s one of the most famous styles for women who want this special type of tat style. You can opt for a monochromatic feather tattoo, but if you want more variety, you can ask your artist to color your feather in different shades.

Tiny note behind the ear tattoo

tiny note behind the ear tattoo

Roses and flowers tattoo

rose behind the ear tattoo

Roses have long served as symbols for femininity. Channel your sexuality and passion by asking your artist to draw a red rose behind your ears. You can also choose a yellow rose or any flower or floral tattoo to convey happiness and warmth.Choose  a  rose  tattoo to show your admiration and sensuality. Want to show your purity and innocence? Then go for a white, untainted rose. An orange rose is perfect for women who are enthusiastic, while lavender rose is the ultimate sign of enchantment.

tribal flowers behind the ear tattoo

You can add other designs to your flower tattoo, such as a sash with your name in it, thorns, and other styles.