Celtic Tattoos For Women

Celtic tattoo designs were originated from ancient Western Europe mostly from Ireland, Scotland and few parts of England, which represent eternity or life, as death and rebirth. Celtic tattoos for women can be very stylish  and feminine .Whether you are a celt origin or not you can still opt for a celtic tattoo as they look fashionable and each design has its own meaning to convey. Celtic tattoos were originally tattooed by celt warriors who went bare chest or even naked to the war field tattooing their bodies with black ink, but now they’ve just become fashionable and people get themselves tattooed either for patriotism being a celt origin or just for fun.


Various types of celtic tattoos for women:

There are various celtic tattoos for both men and women which can occupy most space and be designed accordingly by the tattoo designers, these tattoos can give a warrior and strong look or just be simple and graceful as preferred. They are mostly done using black ink but these days they can also be tattooed using various colors as chosen by the person who wishes to get tattooed. These celtic tattoos involve interlinked knots and circles, which represent the birth and death.



Celtic Cross Tattoo:

Cross cross tattoo for women

These celtic cross tattoos are designed with a cross surrounded by various knots and designs of interlinked circles, this can be worn by people who wish to depict their Christianity through their tattoo and wish for more religious look can opt for a cross celtic tattoo.



Celtic Knot Tattoos: these kind of celtic tattoos has numerous loops that represent eternity of life and with no exact beginning or end, it also represents love as interlinked with each other.

 celtic knot tattoo for women


Celtic Butterfly Tattoo:  the butterfly celtic tattoo represent rebirth as ancient celtic pagans believed that butterflies or any other flying insect is supposed to be born again and hence it symbolizes rebirth.

celtic Butterfy-tattoo for girls

Triskele tattoo:  this type of tattoo is a three interlocked spirals that depict the sun, afterlife and reincarnation, the nine months of pregnancy, the earth, water and sky, the important elements of life.


triskele tattoo

Triquetra tattoo:  this is the most commonly found symbol of the celtic art of ancient times, which depicts the love of the eternal father, and between a man and a woman.

celtic triquetra tattoo for women

Tips to take care of tattoo:

Though tattoo doesn’t usually need much of care, new tattoos generally require certain care to prevent infection, just make sure you get it done from a tattoo expert and use sterilized needle to avoid skin infections.

Also do not be exposed to water and sun for a long time and do not peel the dry skin that seems hard on your new tattoo, let them peel on their own. Just take care for first few days and then never to bother as the ink will stay on and on.