Cute Heart Tattoos for Girls

Heart tattoo is a symbol for emotion. It defines love, beauty, naivety, purity, faith, transition, health, compassion, victory, healing, creativity and balance.

In some ways it also depicts failures, broken heart, resentments, disappointment and surrender. Heart tattoos are symbols that define the emotion from the innermost soul of the bearer; it is not just simply a feeling of self expression but with it, connotes a deeper eternal meaning.

small wrist heart tattoo

In ancient times, heart is believed to be the center of everything, the fuel and regulator of the brain; it dictates the muscles, bones, blood and life. It was somehow described as the bearer and feather of truth.” It speaks in the vessel of its members”. In Islam, it is the center of the entire human being.

heart tattoos on wrist

Heart tattoos are popular wrist and arm tattoos. While more than likely the number of all heart symbols are almost uncountable, here are few heart tattoo designs that stand among the rest:

finger heart tattoo

Heart tattoos meanings

  • Cute, pretty heart tattoos are somewhat indicates a young love in bloom.
  • Tribal heart tattoos indicates culture diversity, patriotism and trust. A lot of tribal heart tattoos may differ in symmetrical designs.
  • Some of these factors are the tribal designs of each roots like Marquesan tribal tattoos which signifies mastering the inner self,  Borneo tribal tattoos which is widely observed for their spiral designs and animal like figures.
  • Celtic heart tattoos which defines the eternity sign. “Love knot” design meaning “souls coming together in harmony”.
  • Broken and bleeding heart tattoo which means a certain loss, one-sided love and or, rejected love.
  • Flaming or sacred heart tattoos signifies divine love.
  • Black heart tattoos signifies great pain or mourning.
  • Simple heart tattoos may indicate deep and meaningful affection
  • Heart tattoo with wings is either described as a love “flown away”, and or a “free spirit”
  • Heart pierced with a dagger signifies bravery or betrayal. This heart tattoo is commonly seen in soldiers.
  • Hearts with stars defines happiness and great opportunities

Behind the ear, leopard print  heart tattoo



Eternal Love heart tattoo

eternal love heart tattoo

Heart tattoo on foot

cute heart tattoos

No matter how we look at the wrist heart tattoos design, the heart is a symbol of ancient energy that brought people together in harmony. Denying its power is nothing more like death. As heart tattoos binds a very deep meaning to its bearers one by one, they are spectacular, ageless and will never become old-fashioned.