Hot tattoos for Women

Tattoos or getting inked is now the fad and tattoos are not only for men, but for women as well. Although getting inked is the same, tattoo designs differ from men and women. Definitely, women look for hot, elegant and prolific tattoo designs to make their body show more meaning.

If you are looking for hot tattoo designs for your body, the following hot tattoos for women may be one of your options.

This chest tattoo is one of the hot tattoos for girls. This is especially suited for women who can flaunt their chest and show some curves in their anterior body. The design can be extended on one or both arms for a more complimented tattoo design.

Chest tattoo

Girls can also have their tattoos in more than one are in the body. In this case, complementary hot tattoos on the arms, face, abs and neck make a sexier look.

Hot Tattoo

Guns and roses never get set aside when it comes to hot tattoos. Getting inked with this design across your back and arms along with other pertinent symbols is great.

Guns and Roses Hot Tattoo

A not-so-colorful tattoo like this one is also a hot tattoo for women. A combination of roses and women on the arms, sides and abs adds sexiness on the sexiest parts of women’s body.

Women's tattoo

A major design at the back is also a hot tattoo design considering that it complements to a sexy back.

Back Tattoo

Women who get inked on the sides with hot designs make the waist line slimmer and sexier. A tattoo design depicting a sexy woman adds to the great look of the body art.

Side tattoo

A simple, yet very hot tattoo design is an all-arm tattoo to give one or both of your arms great designs.  Tell your tattoo artist to give special details on your elbows for a livelier effect.

Arm tattoo

Other sexy areas of a woman’s body that makes tattoos very hot are the hips. Adding a simple design that adds compliment to the hips may be your choice.

Hips tattoo

Another hot tattoo design for the hips is this heart design between two bird-like designs. It focuses on the abs and hips that would make any man melt.

Abs tattoo

This leopard-inspired tattoo on the back along the lumbar area is very simple, yet very elegant and sexy. If you are more into subtle designs, have your back ink that follows through your spine.

Back Tattoos

Hot tattoos are now actively sought by women, but what if these women suddenly wake up in the morning realizing that tattoos are no longer in. Well, if you really like getting a tattoo, look for nice tattoos that can withstand time and fad. Also, if you just want to get inked just for fun and fashion, then getting a tattoo would not be right. Women who find true meaning in their tattoos would benefit more on getting inked.