Hot Orchid Tattoos for Women!

If you like flower tattoos, then you will like orchid tattoos for women!An orchid tattoo resembles way of life. An art of expressing determination, strength, dexterity and character, it is a way of self modification. A culture that exists and will create a certain persona. Some say it is a taboo, but for some believe it is just what it is.  It maybe popular name, face, character, phrase, verse, animal, place, flower or just simple things. Tattoos resemble masculinity and womanhood.

shoulder orchid tattoo


Let me talk about flower tattoos.

One of the most widely used flower tattoo is the orchid. Orchid is an ornamental flower that is widely used in flower arrangements and originates mostly in tropical areas with some variety of 30,000 species. Expertly named for its extravagance and exotic appearance, this flower was referred to by the Greeks as Orchis or testicle because of its erected stem.

orchid tattoos

Ancient philosophers believe that an orchid signifies firmness, strength, authority and dexterity for men. On the feminine side, the orchid is also a symbol of beauty, charm, and sophistication. In Greek mythology, Satyrion – for whom a family of orchids is named – was a nymph who gave birth to a child fathered by Poseidon. Due to its splendor and delicate scent, the orchid is often referred to as the Flower of Magnificence. In Confucian teachings, the orchid was the symbol for numerous offspring. It was also considered as a love potion and aphrodisiac in many countries like Egypt, Germany, China, and Africa.

Bring it together, we see that an orchid flower tattoo relate to sexuality and procreation.

The nicest thing about orchid tattoos is that it defies both sexes. It refines a lot of colors and is dependent on your personality; take for example if you want it to be noticeable and more defined.

orchid reeb tattoo

Purple orchid flower would make a very alluring, elegant and striking impression.

orchid flower tattoos

If you love pink and or red hues, you can play with making it look larger showing your outgoing, free-spirited and vibrant personality. If you’re fair skinned you can play and add vine-like orchids design that will add to a more bolder side of you, preferably in your sexy lower back. So enticing!

black orchid tattoo



For men, a certain black imagery connotes submission and power so as with the black orchid. Black orchid is widely expressed due to its harmonious elite formality and mysterious beauty. A lot of guys love to be mysterious right?

black orchid tattoo

With an explicit flower artwork, orchid has an unlimited design that will surely captivate the perfect body’s sculpture. It can work with almost every angle of your body and will be infinite of its desired purpose.

orchid tattoo on back

Nevertheless, an orchid flower tattoo signifies perfection, so wear it, flaunt it! And never be afraid to take risks, I’m sure It’ll work on you and you will look stunningly hot!