Mind-blowing Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos are undeniably tempting to both men and women. Birds signify freedom of both mind and soul. Not just that. It symbolizes winning and triumph over evil.

bird tattoos

Decades ago, birds played a very significant role in the culture of ancient civilizations. This may be the reason why more and more women today (even popular Hollywood stars) make these bird tattoos as part of their life and body as well.

bird tattoo designs

Basically, if you are eying to get a flying bird tattoo, make sure to go through all the designs that perfectly fit the kind of personality you have as well as the type of individuality that you want to show off to the public (especially if you are a star).

small bird tattoos

Take note that a wrong choice for a bird tattoo will certainly affect your life forever. Therefore, always go for tattoos that can let you relish it on your body till lifetime.

Small bird tattoos

Do you want to speak out your yearning for freedom? Well then, getting this bird tattoo design is perfection. Some celebrities like Sienna Miller and the couple David and Victoria Beckham had grabbed this small bird tattoo for a striking purpose. The aforementioned couples make use of this type of tattoo as one way of showing their love for each other.

Swallow bird tattoo

swallow bird tattoo

This is another famous bird tattoo design today. In spite of the fact that few consider this as an “old school” design, swallow bird tattoo design are still in style. In fact, the demand for this type of design is drastically increasing. Sailors used this tattoo design to signify a rough steering. Additionally, the moment that these sailors see swallow birds in the sky, a safe return is anticipated.

swallow bird tattoo

In this regard, swallow bird tattoos connote hope, fulfillment and attainment of goals. For sailors and travelers, this further represents honor, respect, dignity and trust. The more swallow bird tattoo or the bigger it is, the more fulfilled that person might be.

There are different options and designs to choose from swallow bird tattoo.

  • Swallow tattoo that signifies a safe return.
  • Swallow tattoo that means true love and devotion as what couples do
  • Swallow tattoo that connotes liberty
  • Swallow tattoo that conveys power through a fast fist. This is highly popular among strong and vicious women fighters.

Flying Bird Tattoo

flying bird tattoo

Having this kind of tattoo design signifies a woman’s indefinite freedom. It can be noted that there are lots of women who go crazy with this simply sexy tattoo design. We are not just talking about regular women here! More significantly, we are leading the spotlight on the hot and highly- admired Hollywood stars and celebrities.

bird tattoo meanings

All throughout the decade, man find a group of flying birds as extremely intriguing and fascinating. In fact, a lot of us believe that getting a flying bird tattoo strengthens our bond with the Divine Master in the world after death.

Generally, it can be noted that bird tattoo meanings are quite many to be specified. The fact that there are hundreds of bird types all over the globe attests the aforementioned statement.  However, allow me to give you a little footnote ladies.

bird tattoo meanings

The previously mentioned bird tattoo designs are the most popular choices among hottest and the highly- acclaimed Hollywood stars.

It is a wonderful idea to be one of them, isn’t it?