Rib Cage Tattoos

Tattoos have become a great craze. The advantage of a tattoo is that it gives your personality a complete make over. Varieties like big tattoos, small tattoos and body covering tattoos and much more are on offer for both men and women. It is just a matter of choice as to what tattoo you want on yourself.

What is sexier than a tattoo on your rib cage? Yeah that’s right nothing! Anyone would find it sexy when they see a woman or a man who has a tattoo on their rib cage. Like, ‘take your shirt off!’ And who wouldn’t love it? To pile on more rib cage tattoo cravings, here are some rib cage tattoo designs.

cherry blossom rib cage tattoo

Polynesian Rib cage Tattoo

polynesian rib cage tattoo

This tattoo is inspired by the culture of Polynesia, obviously.

polynesian ribcage

 In Polynesia tattoo art has been a part of their culture since then. Every district has a distinguished Polynesian design.

tribal side tattoo

Tribal Rib cage Tattoos. This will look awesome in black. Tribal tattoos were usually made in black colors.

Tribal Rib Cage tattoo

Before in ethnic groups, tattoos tells what position are you in the tribe, the more tattoo you have, the higher your position in. Now I think there a few more ethnic groups. But though there are only a few tribes, we still love the tribal designs.

roses tribal tattoo

Dragon Rib Cage Tattoo

The Dragon rib cage tattoo design also tells how strong of a personality you have

dragon rib cage tattooThis tattoo design was believed to drive away the evil. Though in China there is a certain dragon they consider as the evil one that is why they make noises on New Year to drive it away because they believe it only appears on New Year’s Eve. 

dragon rib cage tattoo

Quotes Rib Cage Tattoo

fearless tattoo

A simple quote can change lives. Some people just chose to put up words that inspires them or words that gives them determination to do more, simple yet a cool impact.

rib cage quote tattoo

Phoenix Rib Cage Tattoo

Phoenix represents rebirth and a drastic change in people’s life.

Phoenix rib cage tattoo for girls

Phoenix also represents a day on a person’s life that he/she realized how his/her life meant. Only those who appreciates life “mostly” loves the phoenix tattoo design.

phoenix rib cage tattoo

 Everyone loves flowers, especially girls. That is why some girls choose to have flowers instead of a very rocker tattoo.

flower rib cage tattoo

Flowers also represents that even though they have“dirt” on their skin, they still have their feminine side despite of the very strong appeal of the tattoo.

flower with vines rib cage tattoo