Wrist Tattoo Ideas

The wrist is a great place to put a tattoo, especially for women who want subtle inks. This trend is so famous that many celebrities are seen sporting tats on their wrists. If you are looking for beautiful wrist tattoo ideas, just like those of your idols, then you have come to the right place.

Here are several styles and designs that will look good on your wrists.

wrist tattoo

Continuous quotes Tattoo

lea-michele wrist tattoo

A great wrist tattoo idea is to have a quote or mantra inked on your wrists, starting from the left and extending to the right. This tattoo style is a great way to flaunt your beliefs and ideologies. If you like, the continuation of the quote can be tattooed on your partner’s wrist, so that the motto can be completed when you put your limbs together.

Demi Lovato “stay strong” tattoo

Demi Lovato tattoo

I love you tattoo

Having “I love you” on the wrist is a famous tattoo idea, flaunted by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian. If you want to show how much you love your partner, you can have your beau’s name right after these three magical words.

love wrist tattoo

Your name


Call it vanity, but instead of having your hubby’s name on your wrist, why not have your name instead? For sure, it will be your name forever – whereas you are not sure if you and your boyfriend will last. Have your name written in Victorian cursive letters, and add designs such as roses and ribbons.

Cute small tattoos

cute wrist tattoos

Symbols and shapes  wrist tattoo designs

Megan Fox Wrist tattoo

Small designs such as symbols and shapes are perfect wrist tattoo ideas. In fact, celebrities such as Megan Fox, and Miley Cyrus have these tats on their wrists. If you want a quaint tattoo, then designs such as tribal circles and triangles fantastic ink ideas for your wrist.

Small wrist tattoos


Flowers wrist tattoo for women

ashlee simpson wrist tattoo

Women are attracted to flowers, for this reason blooms are great wrist tattoo ideas. Roses are very famous ones, but you can have other flowers tattooed on your wrist, such as tulips, lotuses or lilies. For a unique look, include other embellishments such as your name, your husband’s name, even your philosophies in life.

Stars tattoo design for girls

star wrist tattoo Gisele

Gisele Bundchen and Avril Lavigne are just some of the many celebrities who have these heavenly bodies on their wrist. Emulate these trendsetters asking your tattoo artist to draw a star on this body part. You can have a constellation of three to five stars on your wrist, and they can be outlined or fully-colored.

Small birds tattoos

wrist tattoo birdsSwallow tattoos