The Perfect Wedding Nails for Your Special Day

Choosing the right wedding nails for your big day is very important if you want to add some oomph to your whole bridal look. Not all brides would fuss about their nails. There would be a lot of photos for your wedding day showing your hands and fingers. There would be the photo of you putting the wedding rings, you holding a glass of champagne, and more. Here are some images of brides with gorgeous nail art for their wedding day. The effort and the creativity put to the nails makes the day even more special.

pink and white wedding nails


This particular nail design is not very intricate, yet it is beautiful and charming. The wedding nail polish colors needed for this nail design can be different from the picture shown, depending on the color motif of your wedding.


Elaborate Wedding Nail Manicure

If you want perfect nails for your wedding day such as this, you can get professional nails from nail salons.

french  wedding nails


There are certain wedding nail designs which are simple such as this manicure. It adds a feminine touch to the simple glitter wedding nail polish.

wedding nail design


One of the more sophisticated nail designs that you can have for your wedding is this adorned nail art. You can turn your nails from boring to glamorous in an instant.


Glitter French Wedding Nails

Who said you can’t go to your wedding with only a French manicure? Now this photo is a more appropriate French manicure for a wedding.

pink and white lace nails


If you don’t want your nails to be too elaborate for your wedding, you can always have nail decals that you can stick to your clean, manicured nails.


Jewelled Wedding Nail Art

One of the most intricate nail art that you can have for your wedding is this one. 3D nail decals are used on this design.

wedding nails


If simplicity is your thing, then this manicure can be one of your choices. It is simple and it is clean.


Simple Wedding Nail Manicure

Add a twist to your simple French manicure. The wedding nail color for this design is platinum and silver glitter.

wedding manicure


When you don’t have time to get your nails done for your big day, there are false nails which you can purchase. Here is one design which is very much perfect for a wedding.

pretty wedding nails

There are a lot of choices when it comes to your nail design for your wedding. Always keep in mind that your nails should not be taken for granted on occasions such as this. Your wedding nails do not need to perfectly match your wedding motif, but your personality rather.