What’s a Stylish Way to Wear Glitter?

Glitter can add glitz and glam to your looks and it also does wonders in making any outfit look more elegant and luxurious. However, too much glitter in one ensemble tends to look cheap. This is why most women often stick to just metallics instead of actually going for glitters when they want something sparkly and shimmery. However, it’s easy to wear glitter if you know how. So, what’s a stylish way to wear glitters, you ask? Here are some ideas we’ve got going for you:

  • Wear glitter in your shoes – shoes are always the perfect piece in your outfit that can the ordinary into the extraordinary. A simple outfit can look so much more gorgeous just by wearing it with a pair of fabulous shoes. This explains why a lot of women are hooked on shoes, doesn’t it? Glitter shoes are perfect if you want to wear glitter in a subtle and stylish way. It’s always a nice surprise to see sparkly shoes with a regular outfit.

glitter shoes outfit glitter shoes

  • Throw on a glitter jacket – wondering how you can go from day to night in a cinch? It’s simple. All you have to do is put your regular, casual everyday clothes on and bring a glitter blazer jacket with you. When it’s time to hit the party, just throw it on for instant glitz and glam. You can also wear a glitter jacket during the day but just make sure you don’t wear the one with chunky glitters on.

jacket glitter


  • A glitter dress for nights out – glitter is always much more appropriately worn for evening events though there are ways on how you can wear it for daytime. A fully glittered dress is perfect for a night out whether you’re having cocktails with the girls or celebrating a momentous occasion. It’s also a popular choice for ladies to wear glitter dresses during holiday parties because they’re very fun and festive.

glitter dress outfit glitter dress

  • Glitter hair accessories – if you feel like you aren’t ready to don anything on with the least bit of glitter on it, you can always go for glitter hair accessories instead. It’s a fool proof way of incorporating glitters to your look. You can wear a glittery headband, a glittery hair clip or bow or even a fascinator drenched in glitters. It all depends on how shimmery you want to be.

hair accessory

  • Glitter in makeup – one fabulous way to wear glitter is to incorporate it in your makeup. It can be an eye makeup look with glitter eye shadows or maybe a lip tint or lip gloss with some glitters in it for added shine. All you have to remember is to not go overboard and you’ll be looking fab in no time.

makeup glitter lips makeup glitter eyes