10 Stylish Celebs Who Wear Glasses

Celebrities often tend to go for contact lenses because it’s much more stylish and it doesn’t get in the way of makeup. However, the eyes have to rest and breathe, too, and when it does, celebrities go back to wearing glasses. Here are some of the most stylish celebs wearing glasses:

  • Anne Hathaway – Anne Hathaway may have seemed very Betty-ish when she wore glasses in the film Princess Diaries where she, at first, played the role of a nerdy looking teen who later turned out to be a princess but in real life, Anne still looks ever so gorgeous in glasses.

anne hathaway

  • Britney Spears – maybe all those lights from camera flashes by the paparazzi finally took a toll on Britney’s eyes which is why she’s now wearing glasses but it’s alright. Britney still looks smoking hot even with those glasses on.

britney spears

  • Demi Moore – Demi’s ageless beauty is simply stunning and amazing and even with those glasses on, she doesn’t look a day older than when she was seen in a special appearance on Charlie’s Angels. Her confidence in not making a fuss out of wearing glasses instead of contacts to an event is very admirable, too!

demi moore

  • Emma Watson – seen wearing glasses as she steps out and takes the time to sign autographs for her fans. Her beauty is very effortless and she sure looks stunning even when she’s dressed up in her simplest.

emma watson

  • Jennifer Aniston – another timeless beauty shows us that we shouldn’t be afraid of glasses making us look older. Jen’s looks hasn’t changed a bit since her FRIENDS days and those spectacles, if anything, are just making her look even younger and more stylish!

jennifer aniston

  • Jennifer Garner – Alias star Jennifer Garner is super pretty even without makeup and with glasses on. This must be why Ben Affleck is head over heels for her.

jennifer garner

  • Julia Roberts – this pretty woman looks super cool with those vintage looking animal print glasses. Julia Roberts is rarely seen wearing glasses but when she does, she still looks very beautiful. In fact, we think she should wear glasses more often in public.

julia roberts

  • Kelly Osbourne – known for her fun and quirky sense of style, Kelly is not one to shy away from a classic pair of black thick rimmed glasses. Here she’s seen at a Macy’s event with nothing too out of this world; just blonde hair, a sexy black ensemble and black glasses.

kelly osbourne

  • Kim Kardashian – we just love how Kim is always dolled up, even if it’s just for some quick errands. In this picture, Kim wears glasses to a casual shopping trip with the girls.

kim kardashian

  • Megan Fox – one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood, Megan Fox, wears glasses too! And she’s not afraid to show it. Megan likes wearing glasses to informal and casual events like these.

megan fox