Famous Female Celebrity Tattoos

Today’s celebrities are no stranger to the wonderful art of tattooing. Their tattoos are actually what influence a lot of people who aren’t famous celebrities to get tattoos.

Most celebrities get tattoos for the same reasons as we do. They want to be different, show who they really are as a person, and display their own unique sense of style. 

rihanna tattoo

From neck tattoos and tramp stamps to ankle tattoo designs, nobody looks better in ink than our beloved female celebrity tattoos. And the fact that they are willing to show off their body art to the gaping public makes it all the more alluring to sneak a peek. 

cameron diaz tattoo

Some of the famous celebrities that have tattoos are Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Pink, and Kid Rock. Most musicians proudly display their tattoos and so do several actors.

britney spears tattoo

You may be surprised to know that Drew Barrymore has angels on her back, a butterfly under her belly button, a blue moon with smile and a start at the tip of her right foot, and flowers on the inside of her left hip bone. 


Superstar and sweetheart Taylor Swift even has a tattoo on her foot, a small flower on Christina Aguilera’s left wrist, a barb wire arm band around Pamela Anderson’s arm, three Hebrew symbols on the back of Britney Spear’s neck, and wings on Nicole Richie’s back. But these are only a few of the several designs of many celebrities with tattoos.

christina aguilera tattoo

As you can see, several celebrities have tattoos. Their choices are often just as personal as ours. Although, the fact that they are celebrities does make their tattoos a bit more popular than ours. It clearly does not help them to get work.

 emma watson tattoo

The most popular female celebrities with tattoos are Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Drew Barrymore, and yet their careers are still going strong. 

angelina jolie tattoo

While some celebrities like to hide their tattoos in discrete or small areas, Megan Fox lets them shine in the spotlight with her. Her tattoos are so prominent that they are almost never photoshopped in print appearances like magazine spreads or ad campaigns. Instead they are almost as recognizable as the hot feline who wears them.

 megan fox tattoo

It always seems to do a certain design some justice when we see our most famous celebrities sporting them. One may think differently about angel wings or butterflies until they see their favorite celebrity with them. 

katy perry tattoo

It is a known fact that our celebrities have the leading influence over the tattoo world. You might even look at them as a source for some of the best design ideas. But, when it comes down to it, they are people just like us and appreciate the same things as we do.

Amy Winehouse tattoo