Look Chic with the Olivia Palermo Fashion Style

When we talk of Hollywood pretty faces, Olivia Palermo is sure to land on the top list. Her face is very charming with soft and gentle features which is why a lot of women envy her. What makes her even more enviable, though, is how she always looks stunning with whatever she decides to wear. Olivia Palermo is one of the hottest and most stylish out of all the celebrities in Hollywood. Her style is so pure and simple, no gimmicks and no qualms, yet so elegant and chic. in all honesty, if I were to launch a clothing line or if I were to sell clothes and  I needed a model / endorser, I’d pick Olivia Palermo over anybody else, hands down.

The Olivia Palermo fashion style is very simple and easy to recreate. What’s important in copying her look is making the right choices when it comes to certain pieces. Here’s a quick guide that you can use to look like the gorgeous Olivia Palermo:

  • Go for neutral colors – if there’s one woman on this planet who can make a whole outfit out of neutral colors without it looking boring and bland, it would be Olivia Palermo. to get her look, mix and match different neutral colors in your outfit to create a chic and sophisticated feminine look. Colors like black, tan, beige, cream, gray and old rose are just some of the colors you’ll find in Olivia Palermo’s wardrobe color palette.

neutral colors outfit neutral colors

  • Get smart and stylish – when I first saw a glimpse of Olivia Palermo and her style, I knew there was something about the way she dresses but I just couldn’t quite figure it out at the time. Now that I’ve observed her fashion style more and more, I finally know what it is: she always dresses up smart. No matter if it’s a casual outfit or something for more formal events. Never would you ever see Olivia scantily clad or dressed up looking like a slob.

smart and sylish


  • Perfectly fitting clothes – some women like their clothes tight and fitted while others like them loose and super comfy but if you’re trying to pull off an Olivia Palermo look, you should go for clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose. If you’re observant enough of Palermo’s style, you’ll see that most of the things she wears fit her to the T. This is why it’s important that you fit clothes before you buy them so you can see how they look and fit on you.

fit of clothes fit

  • Go for classic prints – if you closely follow Olivia Palermo’s fashion style, you’ll notice that she sticks to classic prints on her clothes. Stripes and polka dots seem to be on the top of Olivia’s list as she is always seen wearing them but she would also be sometimes spotted in animal print and floral print clothing. These are the prints that you should go for if you want to copy her look.

classic prints and patterns CLASSIC

  • Keep it laidback and relaxed – what really makes Olivia Palermo’s fashion style worthy of recreating is the fact that it’s so laidback and relaxed with not too many layers and whatnot. Jewelry and other accessories are kept to the minimum as well. Color is introduced very subtly in her outfits which, in return, create a super chic look.

laidback and relaxed laidback