4 Budget Friendly DIY Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your own personal space can be really therapeutic. Doing this lets you express your creativity and your style while also giving you full sense of ownership of your place and giving you the assurance that no matter what, you’ll always have this space to look forward to at the end of the day. However, achieving the exact look you want for your home can be quite costly, especially if you’re taking inspiration from interior design magazines and websites because most of them use high end designer pieces to make their showroom space really gorgeous in pictures. Here are some budget-friendly DIY home décor ideas that you can use to glam up your home without breaking the bank:

  • Repurposed jars – you get jars from a lot of products that you buy on a regular basis: food, candles, drinks and more. Make the most out of your jars and repurpose them as decorative pieces around your home. Mason jars can lend any space a cool vintage-y vibe. Tall jars are great as flower vase centerpieces. Scented candle jars, especially the 3-wick ones, are big enough to be used as decorative organizer jars. What’s cool about repurposing jars is that they’re mostly made of clear glass so you can decorate them any way you want. Tint them, paint them, cover them in glitter, just have your way with them and decorate them to match your overall theme for your home.

jar apothecary jar organizer decor jar vase


  • Paper pompoms – need something to accent a certain area in your home from ceiling to floor but can’t quite figure out what to finish up with on top? Why not make your own paper poufs? They’re super easy to make, they’re made of tissue paper so they’re very cheap but they look really gorgeous and chic! you can make them in any size and color you want, too. You can make these as regular home décors or you can also make them as décors for when you’re having a party at home.

paper pompoms paper pompom tutorial

  • DIY canopy bed – if you’re girly and are into princess-y things, you’ve surely dreamt of sleeping in a bed with a canopy on top complete with drapes and all the works just like the ones you’d imagine from fairy tales. Well, guess what? You can actually make your own canopy for your bed. Repurpose an old hoola-hoop into a canopy frame, dress it up and attach your drapes on to it then hang it up above your bed and you’ve got yourself your own princess canopy bed.

diy canopy bed diy canopy

  • Box lid wall décor – if you’re ever looking for a way to fill up an empty and boring wall, save yourself from buying expensive wall décor accents and make them yourself instead! use the lids from boxes and lay them out on your wall anyway you want. Some people like using box lids of the same size and shape to create a frame-like wall décor while others like to go with a more abstract form. Once you’ve figured out the position each lid is going to have on your wall, start decorating them. You can cover them in fabric or in wrapping paper, you can paint them, you can draw on them or, if they’re gorgeous on their own, use them the way they are.

box lid wall decor box lid box lid wall art