4 Cool Ideas for DIY Bracelets that You’ll Love

With everyone wanting to be in with the arm candy and arm party trend, it’s no secret that young fashionistas are always in the hunt for DIY bracelet ideas. Though lots of  stores carry really gorgeous and fabulously amazing  designs that are sure to either blend well  with or stand out from your arm party, there’s just something about DIY bracelets that always represent a little bit of you and your style.

We’ve gathered ideas and inspirations for DIY bracelets that you are sure to love! These DIY bracelets are easy to make and everything you’ll ever need are found in most craft stores, sold at really good prices.

  • Braided faux leather cord – this is perhaps the easiest, especially if you’ve mastered the art of braiding with your tresses. Just three strips of leather cord as thin or as thick as you like and braid them like you would your hair then attach to your choice of closure. You can also a 5-strand braid for a thicker bracelet or a fishtail braid for a more intricate one.

braided leather bracelet

braided leather bracelets

braided leather cord

  • Kidada-style wrap bracelets – this is pretty much like the braided leather cord but you will have to make a longer one that can go twice or thrice around your wrist. This is also strictly for the traditional 3-strand braid. Kidada wrap style bracelets also lets you use any charm that you want to incorporate.

kidada wrap

kidada inspired

  • DIY glass beads bracelet – if you want something a little out of the ordinary, skip your everyday crafting materials and go for these: safety pins, glass beads and a pair of garter bands that fit your wrist. Open you safety pin, stack up the glass beads in the safety pin needle, attach to one garter band at  the top and one at the bottom. Repeat until you have a full bracelet.

diy bracelet pin and garter

  • Hexnut bracelets – you know the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, maybe for some but not for the creative crafty girls! Hex nuts may not look glamorous on their own but when braided in on colorful cotton or leather cords, you’ll see why we’ve picked this diy bracelet inspiration. Plus, you’ll probably find a pack of shiny unopened ones in your garage just lying around.

green hexnut diy bracelet

diy hexnut bracelet

diy hexnuts

Making your own DIY bracelets lets you customize them and suit your taste and style. They’re great for sprucing up your outfit or even as gifts to friends.

beaded diy bracelet

diy bracelet ideas