5 Cute and Easy Washi Tape Craft Ideas to Try

Washi tapes have been making huge waves lately, especially on crafting blogs and websites. Washi tapes originated from Japan. Basically, washi tapes are like masking tapes except that they’re made of a special kind of paper that doesn’t easily break or tear. What makes washi tapes hoarding-worthy are the cute and lovely designs they have on each roll. There are probably millions of different designs for washi tapes ranging from simple stripes to more complex and intricate ones like the embroidered kind you can get from Japan (availability of embroidered washi tapes in other countries not sure yet). You don’t have to go all the way to Japan to get a hold of these cuties. They’re easily available from your local craft supply shop and online from stores like Etsy and other websites that sell stationery. Here are 10 cute and easy washi tape craft ideas you can try out.

  • Washi tape cutlery – when it comes to hosting a party, even the smallest details, like cutlery, matter. Make your disposable party cutlery look fun and colorful by covering them in washi tapes. Your guests are sure to enjoy eating even more.

cutlery cutlery 2

  • Washi tape gift wrappers – one of the best parts of giving gifts is the wrapping part. We all like to channel our creativity and make even the simplest gift look fabulous just by wrapping it in fancy paper. But who needs fancy paper when you have washi tapes? Just put your gift in a plain box and cover the box in washi tape to give it a unique look. if you don’t want to use up too much washi tape, you can also wrap the gift in plain paper and use washi tape as decorative accents.


gift 2

  • Washi tape cardboard initials – cardboard letters are great for decorating and personalizing your space. You can get plain cardboard letters from craft supply stores and from some bookstores but they come plain and brown. Spruce them up with washi tape and they’re sure to liven up any area you choose to put them twith washi tape and they’re sure to liven up any area you choose to put them to.

initials 2 initials

  • Washi tape jars – jars are great for recycling. You can use them to hold little trinkets around the house, you can use them as flower jars, candle holders, brush holders, etc. Sometimes, though, reusing just plain jars can make your space look cheap. Prettify those jars and wrap them up in washi tape to give them a shabby chic look that’s perfect for any home. You can do this with decorative bottles too.

jar jar washi

  • Washi walls – can’t get enough of the cuteness from washi tapes? Why not use them in something that you would see everyday? Accent walls are a super nice way to brighten up a room and give it more attitude. Choose a blank wall around your home or your room that you can turn into an accent wall and washify it! The style and design possibilities are just endless!

wall washi wall