Cool DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Makeup is something we girls believe we can never have too much off. However, sometimes, tend to purchase more makeup than our vanity tables can accommodate. Then we start to stash them into different drawers, boxes and bins only to get stressed out when the time comes that you need a specific one but can’t remember where you put it. if you don’t have much space in your room to keep all your makeup in, check out these cool DIY makeup storage ideas that can help you get your products organized.

  • Magnetic board makeup storage – this is such a fun way to get your makeup organized. Just stick little magnets at the back of your makeup products and put up a magnetic wall where you can stick them to when you don’t need them. It’s simple and it gives you a good view of the products that you have available. You can stick your most-used products on the magnetic board so you don’t have to rummage through drawers every time you need them.

magnetic board magnetic

  • Mason jar brush storage – if you have a massive collection of makeup brushes and they always end up falling off the table, you should definitely consider glamming up your mason jars and repurposing them as brush holders. Just fill your jars with pebbles or other kinds of filler and stick your brushes in them so that they don’t get lost when you aren’t using them. You can use a few couple of these jars and sort your brushes in them accordingly: eyes, face, blending, stipple, etc. Any other decorative jar can be used for this too.


jar brush

  • Stacked lippie holder – lipstick is one of my biggest makeup obsessions and I know most girls share this with me, too. Storing lipstick, lip balms, lip stains and other lip products can be a bit tricky because you have to pull each one off every time to see what color it is. To make this easier for you, take empty candle jars or any other canisters of the same size and glue them together while forming them into some sort of tower. Now you can keep all your lip products in here with the underside facing out so you can see what color and shade each one is.

stackable stacked

  • Box drawer storage – if you’re subscribed to any beauty box like birch box or glam box, you probably have tons of those empty subscription boxes lying around somewhere in your house. If you’re like me, you probably hold on to them because ‘they’re too cute’. Well, why not put those boxes to good use and make a stack of drawers out of them to keep small makeup products like lip glosses, paint pots and the like? Check out the visual step by step tutorial on how to make one below.

box box drawers

  • Hanging makeup organizer – if you have a knack for sewing and would really want to get all your makeup organized, try sewing an over-the-door hanging maekup organizer. Just take a sheet of your choice of fabric, as big as you need it to be then sew pockets on it to hold your makeup and attach hooks on the end so that you can conveniently hang them over the door. It takes up zero space in your room and you can fit most, if not all, of your makeup in it.

hangin makeup storage hanging